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Independent on Sunday 884 by Quixote – Easy

Posted by nmsindy on January 26th, 2007


This puzzle reminded me of a year or two back when I thought the Quixote Sunday puzzle was pitched at an easier level than the daily Indy one. Would have been even quicker if I did not have to check two words, new to me, at the end. But it was still my quickest Indy solve of 2007 so far.

Solving time: 13 mins

* = anagram


9 LARGESSE The capital S in Selfridge’s “Sounds like”

10 W EIGHT (crew – rowing)

14 SLEEPING BEAUTY “Off” or “Out” is crosswords often means asleep.

17 HYPOCHONDRIACS (CHIRPY DOC HAS DO)* The answer screamed at me from the definition.

20 I (one) in (A LONE SPY)* POLYNESIA

23 NE (folk in Gateshead, say) WISH. Gateshead being located in the North East of England.


26 EGG TIMER (GET GRIME) * “Cracking” refers to the eggs.


1 PILATUS I in (LAST UP)* One of the two I had to look up. It is indeed a mountain in Switzerland, so called apparently because of a legend that Pontius Pilate was buried in one of its former lakes.

6 PTEROSAUR Amusing surface – anagram fairly obvious

7 mAG – GROss Hidden. Good surface. Very easy


16 TRANSFORM The Remove is an intermediate class (suggested by trans- and the ? if I understand it right). Definition is “Completely change”.

18 Stephen SPENDER (1909-1995).     A poet as defined, but not just a poet.

19 SPINE L The second one I had to look up.

21 LOWER Regular solvers will know that cows low (they also moo).

2 Responses to “Independent on Sunday 884 by Quixote – Easy”

  1. says:

    Many thanks to my one faithful solver – well I do know a couple of others who solve it, but not many

  2. says:

    You are too modest and I don’t think they’re making up those 5 winners’ names every week. Pity it’s not online, though.

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