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Everyman 3147/Jan 21 – Newton’s cradle

Posted by ilancaron on January 28th, 2007


I had no idea that the mesmerizing 5 silver balls swinging back and forth on my desk was called a Newton’s cradle (17A).


3 DAY TRIPPE,R – (pity padre)* followed by R (“original of rock’n’roll”). Hit single for them in 1965 I think. Never released on a proper album (other than anthologies etc.). Yes I remember.
12 ROSE,O,LA – Our “girl” is ROSE and in France it’s LA “Parisienne”.
14 SECRETARY BIRD – It can fly and it’s a PA (Personal Assistant) followed by rhyming slang for prison.
17 NEWTON’S CRADLE – Five silver ball toy for your desk. Anagram well-hidden: I had to wait until I had all the crossing letters and then, on my way to the dictionary, realized it was simply (owls, entranced)*. Nice surface with “owls” and “cuckoo” conspiring together to mislead.
24 RO(B)OT – I was misled by “in part of” which I assumed indicated containment but “to check” serves this role here. A, B, O and AB are all blood groups.
25 ALMA MATER – I got the definition quickly: “school one attended”. The wordplay as I write this up: ALMA’s our “girl” now, a “friend” is a MATE and “close to Chester” is just R. Nice smooth surface.
26 BEE(FEAT,E)RS – Again “in” misled me as the containment indicator when it’s actually “spiking”.
27 POST – double definition


2 MOSE,S – some* followed by leader of Sect.
4 A,L(A,B)AMA – Tibetan “monks” are LAMAs. I wonder how many there are in Alabama?
6 INCENDIARY BOMB – pretty good double def &lit (or cryptic def &lit if you prefer). I read “Dresden” by Frederick Taylor this summer while there so this clue was quite on target. As it were.
7 PIG-HEADED – “Napoleon” is often Orwell’s Animal Farm pig in cryptics.
8 RA(R,IT)Y – Actually it’s “fish” (RAY) that is full of “River (Italian)” – thus “just the opposite”! Nice clue.
9 WET ONES WHISTLE – “drink” is a verb here: (sweetish – new lot*).
16 DEMO,C,RAT – Yes, a DEMOCRAT is a member of the Democratic Party (even if Bush calls it the Democrat Party).
23 RETRO – Hidden in “TreasuRE TROve…”). Nice clue.

2 Responses to “Everyman 3147/Jan 21 – Newton’s cradle”

  1. says:

    As you may be aware, I solve Everyman under a different guise in the Sunday edition of a local paper. The time lag seems to have widened now. Today, Feb. 18, we have 3147/Jan 21.
    Everyman is tackled along with other crosswords by an Orkut community (of which I am the co-owner and moderator), each taking four clues. This week it was wrapped up quickly with only 26 ac causing some difficulty.
    The speciality of the three-year old Orkut community (I am not soliciting membership, we have crossed the 800 mark) is that members have been persuaded to provide the anno themselves (in much the same way it is given here) and where it proves elusive the moderators step in.
    I enjoy my visits here and I like many features such as, e.g., being able to get all Everyman postings in one go.

  2. says:

    Wasn’t aware of the Orkut community — 800 is an impressive membership. I think this site gets 400-500 hits per day. Everyman is very consistent Ximenean puzzle that always has a nice variety of clue types.

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