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Independent 6331/Dac – Pathé-specific

Posted by rightback on February 1st, 2007


Solving time: 7:35

A fairly standard offering from Dac today: mostly straightforward clue constructions with a couple of more obscure answers/names and a bit of licence with link words. Is there a political theme going on in the long answers (RIGHT-WINGER, LABOUR-INTENSIVE, INDEPENDENT)?

* = anagram.

1 PUCKER; “PUKKA” – as in to purse the lips.
4 P(RIO)RESS – ‘press’ can mean ‘a cupboard, shelved closet or recess’.
10 A + GRIM(ON)Y – this stuff.
13 P[ress] A[ssociation] + THE – the newsreel was invented by the Pathé brothers’ company of the same name in 1908. This name was a guess, but I finally seemed to have wised up to the ‘the’ trick used here.
18 W + INN + I (= single) + PEG – a ‘peg’ can mean ‘a pin in a cup to show how far down one may drink’ (Chambers), hence came to mean a measure of spirit.
20 GROSVENOR (anag. of GOVERNOR’S) + SQUARE – I had a spelling ‘moment’ here, putting the S before the N for some reason until I solved 21dn, but it didn’t cost me any time.
23 FIN(A)N + CE’S
24 SECOND (double definition)
25 ROS(SET)TI – not sure which of these poets is intended here. Rosti is this.
26 O + KAYED (“CADE”) – remember the rebel Jack Cade.
1 PEN + (ELOP + E) (rev. of E + POLE)
3 EPICUREAN; (A U RECIPE)* + N – I learnt the word ‘epicure’ when I read Matilda by Roald Dahl:
     An epicure dining at Crewe
     Found a rather large mouse in his stew
     Cried the waiter, “Don’t shout
     And wave it about
     Or the rest will be wanting one too!”
6 OR (= gold) + I + ON – as discussed in yesterday’s Times blog (see second and third comments), the future tense ‘I will’ is often used (arguably misleadingly) in clues because of the need for ‘I’ to be a pronoun in the surface reading but a letter in the cryptic reading.
14 TRI(CORN)ES – a three-cornered hat. I’m not keen on ‘used in’ as a link phrase, especially when the wordplay grammar doesn’t fit with it (‘…X to hide Y’).
16 PIP (= Philip) + SQUEAK (= confess)
20 GO FOR; rev. of FOG + OR (= Other Ranks = soldiers)
21 [a]VENUE
22 A + GO + N[ew] Y[ork] – not quite sure how ‘get’ = GO; something like ‘Get out’ or ‘How do I get to the station?’, I suppose.

And commiserations to any Spurs fans in the audience, but why oh why did Martin Jol take off Anthony Gardner and replace him with Ricardo Rocha?

2 Responses to “Independent 6331/Dac – Pathé-specific”

  1. says:

    I was at White Hart Lane on Saturday and Rocha had a very assured debut. Gardner was on a yellow card and received a final warning from the ref, so it was a safety measure, but of course it backfired.

    As for Arsenal’s “youngsters” getting them through, as reported widely, it’s perhaps worth bearing in mind that they had as many first-choice players playing during extra time as Spurs.

    In 23 Down, go is used as get in the sense ‘become.’ As in “when Carling Cup Final dreams go bad.”


  2. says:

    That “get” for “go” worried me, too, so AGONY was the first I looked for when the solution appeared to-day. Re Tottenham (as a neutral in these matters), I thought they were well beaten ove the two legs, but how thin the dividing line can be was shown by Mido’s chance on 91 mins which went agonisingly wide. Two good games – that pair can be relied on to put on a good spectacle usually and hopefully the first win for Tottenham in the new Millennium will not be too much furter delayed.

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