Never knowingly undersolved.

Independent on Sunday 885 by Quixote – not too difficult

Posted by nmsindy on February 1st, 2007


I found this one fairly straightforward.

Solving time: 14 mins

* = anagram



7 CROW D Murder is a collective word for crows.

10 ANNE LI (51) DAN


19 S(POND)EE My favourite clue – good misleading context. A foot in poetry.

23 C(l)ARET A mark e.g.^ which shows that something has to be inserted into a text.

24 IRONED OUT ONE + DO in I RUT (boring routine). Got this quickly from the definition.


1 U for E in eMPIRE Definition; Judge

3 TENNER “Tenor”

6 OUT DAMNED SPOT (TO DUSTPAN MODE)* From Shakespeare’s Macbeth (Lady Macbeth unable to get rid of her guilt). Definition “Request made for removal of nasty black bit” seems tailored to fit the anagram, rather than referring to the original. Very familiar with the play, so knew it, but wondered how commonly known it is. There was a Listener Crossword based on it recently when answers were entered with anagrams of SPOT removed or something like that. Well-known quotes that can also be cryptically interpreted are a favourite in advanced crosswords.

7 CALL THE POLICE (I COLLECT HEAP)* Nice use of double meaning of coppers: anagram was easy to work out, I found, especially with the letters of “the” successively in it.

8 D ANGER It analyses as “Daughter has wrath”.

14 POSITRON R for I in position – some slight hesitation as to whether it was the other way around, but it says “one (I) being right(R)” and “for” in the clue leads from wordplay to definition.

16 S (EP) TET EP (Extended Play record) a crossword usage going way back. I remember getting one from Woolworths in the late 1950s but not much after that. A single would have one track on each side – an EP maybe two with five or six on a LP. Collins and Chambers still has it though not the Concise OED. STET is Latin – instruction in text to “let it stand” i.e “Let it Be” here e.g. second thoughts about a deletion indicated.

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