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Inquisitor #4 – Venus de Milo by Schadenfreude

Posted by loonapick on 2nd February 2007


Once I worked out the theme of this crossword, I rattled through it at a fair rate of knots, and completed all bar 4 clues in about half an hour. Then I got stuck, and had to come back to it a week later.

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Independent 6333/Nimrod – Enigmatic

Posted by neildubya on 2nd February 2007


As with my last review of a Nimrod puzzle there were a few clues in this that I didn’t understand so I’m obviously still having problems tuning in. To be fair, I don’t think it’s the setter’s fault and I did enjoy the puzzle but Nimrod has a style all of his own and he’s always trying new things so there’s bound to be occasions where not everything hits the target straight away. And I’d much rather solve a puzzle with a few fresh looking clues that I don’t understand than a puzzle full of stale clues that I do understand. Read the rest of this entry »

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Guardian 23990/Taupi – Racy

Posted by ilancaron on 2nd February 2007


A couple of racy clues and American states. Unrelated. I found myself solving many of the clues from the definition and struggling to work out the wordplay while writing these notes – I didn’t manage in all cases. Quite a few sly clues that had me chuckling and surprised by the use of slang. Thanks to Loonapick some more clarity….

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