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Everyman 3148/Jan 28 – monocled tunnel vision

Posted by ilancaron on February 4th, 2007


Far ranging puzzle: from ENFIELD to the ACROPOLIS. I also learnt that under the Mersey there are several tunnels, and I thought the only way cross the Mersey was via ferry, a la Gerry and the Pacemakers (my 655th favourite group at that age).


1 M(IFFE)D – Fife* inside of MD. Oddly enough, MB and MO turn up more frequently for doctor in cryptics.
4 TW(IT)CHER – Wretch* contains IT. Didn’t know that TWITCHER meant “bird-watcher” – according to Chambers, kind of in the anorak sense.
10 NONPAREIL – double meaning: “having no equal” made this obvious and I discovered later in Chambers that it’s also a kind of confectionary (presumably a “sugar-coated chocolate drop” but I have no direct evidence!)
12 SCARLET[t] – As in Scarlett O’Hara of Tara… oh, it rhymes.
14 EN(FIEL)D – Life* inside of END: of which London has two, West and East. Not a bad clue.
15 EGGS, BEN,EDICT – Nice charade for something cholesterol-centric for Sunday Brunch.
18 TUNNEL VISION – This is when I worked out that the Mersey must have at least one TUNNEL under it. Not sure though what the River Mersey itself adds – could have been any other river with tunnels under it. Oh, perhaps there aren’t any others in the UK?
22 MO(NO,C)LE – Only worked out as I write this: this is a case of “X worn by Y” to indicate that Y is wearing X, i.e. Y is surrounded by X. So yes, it works. Dr. NO and a MOLE’s a spy.
26 TRAVERS,E – Right answer for wrong reason. I was thinking of P.L. Travers (of Mary Poppins) but it’s really Ben TRAVERS who actually was a playwright.


3 ETA – Hidden in “…secrET Agent”.
5 WALTER DE LA MA,RE –(Ward, late male)* followed by RE, which appears “beneath” given it’s a down clue. “Comic” is the anagrind and the surface works quite well since separating “comic” from “writer” is hard and WARD Just is a well-known American writer.
7 HEA(LE)R – I found this hard because, for some reason, HEAR for “try” is something that doesn’t automatically occur to me.
9 REST ON ONES OARS – cryptic definition
13 LABOUR FOR,CE – Nice charade: convincing surface and well-hidden definition. Simple but elegant.
16 CIRCULAR – Clever double definition: a CIRCULAR is also the annoying kind of junk-mail pamphlet you all too often find in your mailbox.
17 IN SEASON – “Fit to be eaten” is the definition. IN is often “at home” and “Salt needs to be added” results in the imperative SEASON!
20 AR(AB)IA – Able-Bodied “sailor” in ARIA. I liked the way “leaving” is used to mean “results in”.
25 PEA[r] – the two are often cryptically related.

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