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Guardian 23,992, Audreus: All your bases are ded

Posted by michod on 5th February 2007


It’s more the Indy’s kind of thing, but I’ve started looking for a themed message, especially in these puzzles with unchecked squares around the perimeter. From the top left  I came up with BASES ARE DED (promising, recalls some online flash-in-the-pan a few years back) RDKDST… Oh well, forget that, then. Some good clues, a couple of duds, and I see we’re nearly up to 24,000 – anything special in the pipeline, I wonder?

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Independent 6335/Glow-worm

Posted by neildubya on 5th February 2007


Listener solvers will recognise the pseudonym but I think this is the first Glow-worm puzzle to appear in the Independent since we started this blog. I found it pretty easy but good fun – ideal for a Monday morning. Read the rest of this entry »

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