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Guardian 23,992, Audreus: All your bases are ded

Posted by michod on February 5th, 2007


It’s more the Indy’s kind of thing, but I’ve started looking for a themed message, especially in these puzzles with unchecked squares around the perimeter. From the top left  I came up with BASES ARE DED (promising, recalls some online flash-in-the-pan a few years back) RDKDST… Oh well, forget that, then. Some good clues, a couple of duds, and I see we’re nearly up to 24,000 – anything special in the pipeline, I wonder?


2. MAG(NET)IC. Good simple clue.

9. VA(PO U)R. The Po was a favourite crossword river long before Tinkywinky was a twinkle in Mummytubby’s eye. And the Var’s a department in France.

11. I N A C-CUR ATE. In a fiendish ambiguity, the stammer can be used in two ways: d-dog could give c-cur, as here, or d-cur. 

12. (Paun)CHY PRE(late). Nice image.

14. UNOPENED. UP ONE END*. Def=’in bud’. I found this one of the toughest.

15. OW(N)ING. Def=having – good clue. 

20. SCHEDULE. Shed yule. I liked this homophone. It does assume you say shed, not sked, but I think most of us are familiar with both. I can never remember which one I use anyway – one’s American, but which?

26. SKE(TCH)ER. Reeks< around ‘tch’. I almost put STENCHES, but couldn’t make the wordplay work. But I don’t like the clue that much – ‘tch’ seems a cop-out, and ‘coming from’ is redundant.



2. ANTE. Sounds like AUNTIE (6dn) in American. Hmm – they sound alike for quite a high proportion of Brits too.

8. CLAQUE. The last one to fall into place. I wasn’t quite sure what a claque is, but I seem to remember it as the kind of political term of abuse that could fit this – a group of stooges and lackeys.

13. PO(NT)E F(R)ACT. Nice construction, but the surface is a bit limp.

16. N(EUR)OSES. RUE<inNOSES. Is a neurosis an illness? I suppose it must be.

18. T(A LENT)ED.

21. CAVER(N). Very weak. Easy to get a plausible surface when you do it like this, but where’s the clue’s internal tension?

24. HI CK. KC, I’m guessing, is what QCs were – and will be – under a male monarch.

5 Responses to “Guardian 23,992, Audreus: All your bases are ded”

  1. says:

    Americanisms: so… I had a friend in high-school who said shedyule, and we thought he was awfully affected. And I try to avoid referring to my aunts (other than as Evelyne or Felice) since I can never remember how it’s supposed to be pronounced anymore.

  2. says:


    Thanks for this FifteenSquared.

    I sweated over this crossword for a good while having picked up an ancient international edition of the Guardian in a Language School foyer in Strasbourg.

    What was 24A if you can remember. It’s all I’ve got left!


  3. says:

    No idea off the top of my head, but if you tell me the clue I hope I’ll remember!

  4. says:

    24ac is HAND, double definition by the look of it.

  5. says:

    Why no answers to 22ac, 18d, 22d and 23 ac?

    Please put me out of my misery!

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