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Independent 6335/Glow-worm

Posted by neildubya on February 5th, 2007


Listener solvers will recognise the pseudonym but I think this is the first Glow-worm puzzle to appear in the Independent since we started this blog. I found it pretty easy but good fun – ideal for a Monday morning.

1 S in PA’S OVER
9 hidden in “narroW ADIt”- had to guess this one but “confines” is a good bet for a hidden clue so I was pretty sure it was right.
10 (GEL DICK ROD)* – I don’t think the surface reading is particularly convincing and the clue is so obviously an anagram.
11 FL in WALLOWER – I filled this in without really knowing why, apart from the definition.
13/19 (GOOSE KEPT S)* – don’t know how I managed to come up with the right answer to this as I didn’t have a clue (geddit?) what the “curfew toll” reference was about. I think it might be something to do with Thomas Gray’s Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard.
16 (SANDED YEW)* – Sheffield Wednesday, currently languishing in mid-table obscurity in the Championship.
21 E in PAN< – the last one I filled in and with ?E?P I was starting to panic as it could have be almost anything. Then I twigged that Peter=PAN and all was well.
27 (l)ADDERS
2 ADA,MAN,T – that popular girl’s name.
3 PILL,I in (SINK)* – another one I had to guess but the wordplay wasn’t difficult and I had a few checking letters to help me.
4 GI in VI,L – “about 6.50″ would have read much better than “6.50 about” but that wouldn’t have been fair.
6 AL in (NORSE)* – it helps to know a few ports when you’re solving crosswords…
8 EXE,CUT,E – …and a few rivers.
15 MOLLIE in ENT – at last, a girl’s name that didn’t go out of fashion 80 years ago.
18 DUC(k) in SEE – nonsensical surface reading surely?
20 E, (RENTED)* – “accommodation” can mean “adaptation or adjustment” so it’s a good anagram indicator here.
24 hidden in “zaGREB Embarrassingly”

8 Responses to “Independent 6335/Glow-worm”

  1. says:

    The “Easy puzzle on a Monday” theory was true here. Fastest solve of the year so far. Liked GRIDLOCKED with the misleading context of “jam”. “Shilling” in there 36 years on (1 Across). Re WEDNESDAY, that club was known as “The Wednesday” for decades before adding “Sheffield”.

  2. says:

    13/19: The curfew tolls the knell of parting day is the first line of the poem, which (as the linked site mentions) is supposed to have been written in the churchyard at Stoke Poges where Gray is buried. A poem worth looking at, if only to see how many bits of it have been used elsewhere.

  3. says:

    Nay – a poem worth reading for its own sake, sir!

  4. says:

    Nice crossword but very un-Ximenean grid. It’s bad enough to have clues like 16 (9 letters, of which 4 checked) but that is just about OK. 13 and 19, with 5 letters but only 2 checked, is surely not on. A common grid in another well-known broadsheet also does this. You’d think someone would have told them.

    1 had to be PASSOVER, but I still don’t see why bowl = over. Presumably not a cricketing reference, since this would make adjective = noun.

  5. says:

    This kind of grid is pretty rare in the Indie now. At some time in the past I think they had quite a few with “2 out of 5″ words. When the checked letters give you something like ?A?E? your heart sinks a bit, but although this one arguably compounds the problem by combining the two 2/5s into a tw-word phrase, ?T?K? as the first word makes the answer fairly easy to spot, even for an Eng Lit philistine like me. Don is right of course – the fact that the poem is quoted shows that people remember it!

  6. says:

    I took bowl = over as a cricketing reference. Looking at the Concise OED it gives (for bowl) “a spell of bowling in cricket”. Agree this might suggest longer than just one over but I think it’s OK. Had noticed the 2/5 and 4/9 checking but the puzzle was fairly easy and that did not hold me up.

  7. says:

    Would some kind soul be able to remind me of the clue for 13/19? Last night the paper dropped from my pocket while changing underground trains! I remembered enough to check that NEAP and WADI were correct guesses and that SALERNO was in fact a port, but didn’t have a clue about 13/19….
    Thanks a lot…

  8. says:

    13/19 was
    Goose kept out on square (where it might have heard the curfew toll?) (5,5)

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