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Azed 1809 – an easy one?

Posted by linxit on 7th February 2007


Solving time just 22:44 – I normally take at least twice that if not 3 times, so either I was on fire that day or it was a lot easier than usual…(but I made a mistake – see below).

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Independent 6,337/Dac

Posted by loonapick on 7th February 2007


This was a gentle introduction to a Wednesday, mainly because I was able to solve the four longer entries very quickly, thus giving me lots of checked letters. Solving time – about 10 minutes.

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Guardian 23994/Paul – heavyweight puzzle

Posted by ilancaron on 7th February 2007


Solving time: 45’

I found this enjoyable though slow going because Paul’s wordplay is often subtle and surprising and he certainly likes subtraction clues. I got the boxer theme first and then the heavyweight sub-theme a bit later. Kept looking for Cassius Clay and Sonny Liston (the match of my childhood). Paul is slightly heretical but in a good way!

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