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Independent 6,337/Dac

Posted by loonapick on February 7th, 2007


This was a gentle introduction to a Wednesday, mainly because I was able to solve the four longer entries very quickly, thus giving me lots of checked letters. Solving time – about 10 minutes.

As always with Dac, the clueing was good, and the surfaces generally read well, and there was no clue which had me crying foul, but on the other hand, there were no “kickselfs” either, unless 18dn turns out to be one.

ACROSS 1 BACKPACK – being used as a verb (ie to hike with a backpack)

12 YORE – homophone of “your” (ie “solver’s) – after the responses I got to yesterday’s Guardian blog where I criticised homphones, I’ll just accept that YORE and YOUR are pronounced the same in parts of the UK, even though they don’t sound alike where I am in Scotland. Chambers has them being pronounced similarly, so I won’t argue with that.

13, 15 FLAGS OF OUR FATHERS – a Clint Eastwood movie about the six men who raised the American flag at Iwo Jima, during WW2.

17 LOLLARD – LO(<=all)RD – a follower of Wycliffe’s teachings between the 14th and 16th centuries.

19 THEATRE IN THE ROUND – a form of theatre where the audience encircles the stage.

24 GLOBE – referring to the Globe Theatre in London

25 SPARE TIME – (parties)* + ME


2 CONGRATULATIONS – (Clatons on guitar)* – the surface of this read well, although the anagram was a fairly straightforward one to solve. “Congratulations” is the song that Cliff Richard sang at the 1968 Eurovision Song Contest (he came second!)

3 PHIZ – homophone of “fizz”

7 AIR CONDITIONING – AIR (CONDITION)ING – another very straightforward long answer, which very quickly gave 8 checking letters, and reduced solving time considerably.

9 WENGER – E replacing I in WINGER – refers to the Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger.


15 FILLING UP – this may be picky, but “having” implies to me that the tank would already be full rather than in the process of being filled?

18 DROPSY – not sure of the wordplay here – anyone?

4 Responses to “Independent 6,337/Dac”

  1. says:

    I understood everything except 18 Down too – had great interest in looking at blog to see how it worked. Have no idea at all. It does seems to be the only word to fit as a medical condition, but otherwise I’m baffled.

    As one who is no film buff was pleased to work out the title of that recent film from the wordplay (well clued) and confirm after.

  2. says:

    18D: Equally baffled until I did the first thing you should do when you can’t understand the only answer that makes any sense – look up the answer and discover a new meaning of the word.

    Still learning after all these years …

  3. says:

    Thanks, Peter. I looked in Chambers, which will normally have what’s in other dicts and more. Only one definition was given, so my thoughts stayed with wordplay. I shd have looked in Concise OED cos it’s there! (and presumably in Collins which I don’t have with me.)

  4. says:

    Aah – didn’t realise there was a Chambers gap here.

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