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Independent 6338 by Merlin – Fairly easy

Posted by nmsindy on February 8th, 2007


No major problems with this, which had some clever ideas.

Solving time:    12 mins (fast for me)

 * =  anagram


1  BUCK    Double definition

11 SHAM (BL) E      BL was British Leyland

12 Martin SCOR(S)ES(E)   Film Director   S = Soprano  E = European

13  (mi)STRESS     “Woman kept”   usually reversed    M1 is one of the measures of the money supply going from M0 right up to M5. 

21  ANTHEM   Clever – a cryptic definition drawn up to look like a standard definition/wordplay clue.  (Not so, thanks colinblackburn for explaining it – see below)


24  (BONK-LIT)* i.e, INK BLOT   Used in the Rorscach test to identify personality traits and disorders.

25  INC(ENS)E     Ens = being.   In my edition a picture and article on Paul INCE helpfully appears on the adjoining page (in the football section)

26 M (IN) ISERIES     Victor Meldrew the archetypal MISERY   


2  C(HERO)OT     TOC  = train operating company “going up”

4  LOCK SMITHS  (an 1980s Indie band)

7  T (ABLE) AU    “Fit in” is cleverly misleading.

9  PIN (S AND) NEEDLES     The novelist George SAND for E (drug) in PINE NEEDLES, I think,

14  GUILLOTINE   Cryptic definition (Bean = head).     Struck me as just slightly strained.

18 CATSKIN    Hide (skin) from Queen perhaps (a type of cat)    CATKINS with the S (sun) “risen”

23 STAR    STAR(buck)  i.e. one = one across here – ref Starbuck’s chain of coffee shops

7 Responses to “Independent 6338 by Merlin – Fairly easy”

  1. says:

    I thought the GUILLOTINE clue was brilliant. One man’s beans…?

  2. says:

    I liked ‘bonk lit’ – a wonderful name for the Jackie Collins/Jilly Cooper/Shirley Conran literary genre.

  3. says:

    Nice puzzle, as ever from Dac. Another vote in favour of Fr. beans. Didn’t understand crafty wordplay for 26 while solving, but after quick review of ?T?R possibilities decided to hit and hope.

  4. says:

    Isn’t 21 an &lit with the definition part being a little cryptic?


    Still, nice to see The Jam and the Smiths in the same puzzle.


  5. says:

    Er – as ever from Merlin (in this case!)

  6. says:

    ANTHEM That’s it, Colin – all dicts confirm melody = theme. GUILLOTINE – I gracefully accept the majority view.

  7. says:

    Merlin indeed! Apologies to him…

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