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Guardian 23996/Chifonie

Posted by linxit on February 9th, 2007


Solving time – around 20 mins, but I had more than half an eye on the cricket! And what a great result for England!

A typical Chifonie I suppose – a set of competent cryptic clues but nothing special. I feel that if I’d been concentrating I’d have solved this in well under 10 minutes.


9 NUD(G)E – G is the second of EGyptologists.
10 ALONGSIDE – double def, one of which cryptic – hypotenuse being the longest side of a right-angled triangle.
11 (s)PECULATOR – no other way to clue this it seems. Peculation came up somewhere in the last week, clued very similarly.
13 TWIST – referring to Oliver, of course
18 CONFE(S,SO)R – poor attempt at misdirection by capitalising the first letter of Shriver, didn’t fool me for an instant.
21 MEC(C)A – i.e. C(ollege) in (came)* – Dicky makes a good anagrind.
25 O.B.,SERVANT – unfortunately I put OBSERVING here first, which slowed me down a bit with 16 and 23.
27 TREASON (aren’t so)* – forced to pluralise the definition to work with the anagram fodder, but I suppose that’s just about OK in this instance.

1 S(AND)PIT – I liked AND = joiner
4 H.E.,ARTLESS – wasted a bit of time trying to make an anagram of “Diplomat’s”.
6 INGRAINED (Reading in)* – more time wasted looking for (Reading is)*
16 TOR,MENTOR – briefly toyed with (upon guide)* before spotting the obvious.
17 INAMORATO (Marina too)* – a real anagram, but took a while to figure it out.
18 C(O,MP)OST – don’t think I’ve seen it defined as “dressing” before – can’t confirm it in any online dictionaries either.
20 TAN,GENT – interesting to see two crossing words given the same definition (this with 28ac).
24 S(A)LOP – officially renamed Shropshire in 1980.

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  1. says:

    I wondered about COMPOST and “dressing” as well (though I often think this is what they put on my salad at a nearby restaurant). Turns out that Chambers has “manure or the like applied to land’ for dressing so…

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