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Independent 6334/Phi – 4Ding

Posted by neildubya on February 10th, 2007


A trickier than usual puzzle from Phi, which is to be expected for a Saturday. A few words I didn’t know but the wordplay is as fair ever so they weren’t too tricky to get.

6 R in DENIER, C,R,I – which means “the last word” or, as in the clue, “the height of fashion”. I’d not heard of that before but once I got DENIER (“quality of stockings”) the rest was straightforward.
10 BE, V(er)Y – I knew the word but didn’t realise it could mean a group of women or girls.
12 DISC in (ENTIRE)*
14 G(r)EEK – as in “It’s all Greek to me”.
15 (VERBAL CINEMAS)* – another new word to me. I guessed that it would end SEMBLANCE which meant deciding where the other 4 letters went. VARI didn’t look right but then I remembered that VRAI was the French word for “true”.
18 (g)ERMAN in PENCE
19 AN in EATS, WILL – luckily I’ve read The Pickwick Papers and I remembered this word.
21 hidden in “toO DICey”
2 ENV(o)Y
3 M, (ICES SUN)*
5 (CLUE ENDING)* – “cryptic” must be irresistible as an anagram indicator when CLUE is part of your anagram fodder.
7 COFFEE MORNING – hmmm. I know the clue has a question mark but I still think this is a bit weak.
9 CONFERENCE “pair” – one of the favourite fruits of crossword compilers I think.
13 GAP,AIL (going up),C in ICI – not the most convincing surface reading but it can’t have been an easy phrase to clue. I’d not heard of it (Wagner, Britten and Berg are more my taste when it comes to opera) but Wikipediareckons that I PAGLIACCI is incorrect and that the I is not necessary. Wikipedia is not always right though so perhaps someone with more knowledge of opera than me can clarify.
16 (LEFT)* in LEAS

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