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Independent 6342/Morph

Posted by Colin Blackburn on February 13th, 2007

Colin Blackburn.

A new setter, I think, and a welcome one. This was a very enjoyable crossword with some excellent witty cluing including a few that might not appeal to Ximenean purists. Morph got a few interesting words into the grid and had a couple of nice political digs. I look forward to mor-Morphing.

1 BOWDLERISATION — (BOIL SATIRE DOWN)* — a very nice anagram with the whole clue enhancing the definition.
10 CERTIFY — IF in CERT+Y — ref to X-cert(ificate) the old film classification, now 18.
11 SAPPHIRE — IRE for O in SAPPHO — Sappho was a Greek poet from Lesbos.
12 ROTATE — ROT+ATE — wheel as a verb.
14 EXTRA — ((ta)X RATE)*
16 APERITIFS — IF in (PARTIES)* — &lit.
19 MACAU — U for W in MACAW — ‘half tail reported missing’ turns the tail, a double-you into a (single) you.
21 NITWIT — NIT+WIT — nits are eggs so egghead suggests nitwit, the question mark is hinting at the slight liberty being taken here.
25 TEXTURE — TEXT(UR)E — a nice clue alluding to text messages where ‘you are’ would be written as U R.
26 TSUNAMI — (AN(d) MUST)* +I — &lit. Slightly strained reading but a nice idea.
27 ASSET-STRIPPING — ASSE(T)S+TRIPPING — I’m not sure why class = T but I’m sure I’ll kick myself when someone explains this clue fully. I was misreading the clue, I only needed one ASS giving AS(SET)S+TRIPPING. Thanks to Niall and Peter.
1 BEATS PER MINUTE — (PER MI) in BEATS+(TUNE)* — this is a measure often applied to dance music.
2 WHIPPET — WHIP+PET — for the southerners reading this a whippet is a greyhound that’s shrunk in the wet,well it does rain a lot oop north.
4 REDBREASTS — RED BREASTS — tits’ less common gives breasts. The rivals to the blues might be the reds and (robin) redbreasts might be seen as avian rivals to blue tits. A clue that raised a smile.
5 SACK — double def.
6 TERRORISM — (IS TERM R OR)* — another great partial &lit. with lots of currency.
7 ORIGAMI — (I’M A GIRO)< — Giro is a cheque issued by the once government-owned Giro Bank.
8 CYBERSQUATTING — cryptic def. — despite knowing the word and the degree of checking this was the last answer to go in.
13 LEAD GUITAR — LEAD+GUITAR — this clue failed to satisfy as it essentially clues guitar twice.
18 DETOXES — OT< in SEXED< — very nice reference to the “dodgy dossier”.
20 CHAPATI — CHA+PAT+I — CHA = tea, PAT = Postman Pat (children’s TV character). The definition issuggesting that a chapati is a flatter nan. I’d argue with that but this is a nicely misleading clue nonetheless.
23 THUMP — THU(rsday)+MP — (George) Galloway is a notorious British MP.
24 MEWS — double def. — a mews house is a small but expensive back-alley property converted from a stable or garage.

5 Responses to “Independent 6342/Morph”

  1. says:

    Great puzzle. Re ASSET-STRIPPING, I took the class as “set” with “ass” around it.

  2. says:

    Morph is one of us – Mick Hodgkin – “michod”. At the “sloggers and betters” gathering, we had a sneak preview of a puzzle by Mick. I only got to see it when it was half-solved and I was well towards half-cut, but chipped in with one answer roughly where CYBERSQUATTING is in today’s puzzle. I didn’t recognise any of the clues or answers today. Senility or drunkenness on my part? Take your pick – but well done Mick on getting into a daily paper. 1D with PER as the middle word was a nice change from a “blank THE blank” or “blank AND blank” phrase.

  3. says:

    and i’m assuming the enumeration for 1D was (5, 3, 7) and not (15) which is what we struggled with for 5′ at our end of the table in between glasses of Rioja…

  4. says:

    i meant (5,3,6) and not (14)… honest I can add when I’m sober.

  5. says:

    Yes, PER was a nice change. I had-E- for a while and thought the checking letter might be wrong before it dawned on me.

    Thanks for removing the blind spot over ASS. No matter how long I stared at the clue I continued to see ‘Bums on drugs…’

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