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Independent 6343 by Virgilius – Valentine’s Day Special

Posted by nmsindy on February 14th, 2007


When Eimi indicated on this Board that Virgilius, whose themed puzzles appear on Tuesdays, was moving to Wednesday this week, I was pretty sure we would get a themed puzzle for the day.     I even thought it was odds-on ROMEO and JULIET would appear and they did in the very first answer.    It was a marvellous puzzle with so much thematic material packed into the grid and the clues reflecting it as well.   Great fun to solve.   The single focus on the theme made it a very quick solve for me.

Solving time:  11 mins  (I rarely do the puzzle faster)

* = anagram


7  ROMEO AND JULIET     (amour – one jilted)*    From Shakespeare’s play.  Nicely linked with 18 Down.   The surface reading links with the youth of the couple and refers to the play also.

17  AMOR VINCIT OMNIA   (Roman a victim in o i.e. love)*   Latin for “Love conquers all”

24  LAMINATES     Set animal reversed – good double use of “sheet”

26  CUP I’D    Roman god of love (with bow and arrow)

28 VENUS AND ADONIS  (Susan and Don I’ve)*   From Greek mythology


2  VERSED    Double definition

3  VALENTINE   e (energy) for o (love) in Rudolph Valentino, 1920s heart-throb who died young

5  DID O    From Virgil’s Aeneid – Queen of Carthage and lover of Aeneas who killed herself

9  SILVIA     Shakepeare’s play – Two Gentlemen of Verona   “Who is Silvia?” a song in it.

15  RING O     The Beatles’ drummer  (just in case the “Who are the Beatles?” judge is reading this)

16  DIONYSIAN   i (one) in (and noisy)*   From Dionysos the Greek equivalent of Bacchus, god of wine.

18  VER(ONE)SE     Refers back to 7 across.

19  A GENDA  “Gender”

20  M (one)Y   LOVE

23  STAN   heart i.e. centre of “instance”

4 Responses to “Independent 6343 by Virgilius – Valentine’s Day Special”

  1. says:

    PS Eimi’s put this on the Crossword Centre Message Board

    “If you’re in the mood for love I heartily (ouch) recommend Virgilius in today’s Indy. Particularly if your name’s Manley.”

    Clue: Double today’s date.

  2. says:

    My inner pedant begs to note that 18D refers back to 3D — since Valentine was one of the Two Gentlemen of Verona.

  3. says:

    Quite an achievement to get a reference to all things lurve in every clue. I failed on 17A though – knew the English version, not the Latin one.

  4. says:

    Re 18D, I read it that R&J is set in Verona also, hence the ref in 7 across.

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