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Independent on Sunday 887 by Quixote – All clear in the end

Posted by nmsindy on 15th February 2007


Not quite as easy as some recent puzzles in this series, but all clear in the end.

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Guardian 24,001/Gordius – I really must get round to swallowing a dictionary…

Posted by loonapick on 15th February 2007


A preliminary scan through the clues had me worried, as I only got a couple on first reading. It eventually took me at least 30 minutes, probably longer, to complete this, and I had some wild guesses based on wordplay. However, having checked Chambers, my guesses were right, so I suppose that that means the crossword is fair, if difficult. Typical Gordian fare, really!

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Independent 6344/Dac – DIAZEPAM

Posted by ilancaron on 15th February 2007


Solving time: 30’ (except for DIAZEPAM)

This is my first Independent blog and I’m lucky I got Dac who I’ve done a few times and found him quite amenable with nothing too subtle for my American sensibilities. And since both my sister and my son’s initials are DAC I’m predisposed to like him.

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