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Independent 6344/Dac – DIAZEPAM

Posted by ilancaron on February 15th, 2007


Solving time: 30’ (except for DIAZEPAM)

This is my first Independent blog and I’m lucky I got Dac who I’ve done a few times and found him quite amenable with nothing too subtle for my American sensibilities. And since both my sister and my son’s initials are DAC I’m predisposed to like him.

I even managed to work out 16A from the enumeration and guessing obvious short words (I wonder how many TV shows there have been involving the word DEAL?).

That said, 1D brought me up short – with D?A?E?A? I had to use a reference.


1 DUB,L,IN – rev(bud=Texan pal).
4 AD,AGES – kind of a cute way to define the length in years of Anno Domini.
8 BAR(ONES)S – Simple containment but “noticed loitering” seems like unnecessary cottonwool to indicate such.
10 L.E.A,D ON – to LEAD ON means to “fool”. And I’m guessing LEA is a well-known abbrev for Local Education Authority in the UK.
11 HE,RO(I)C – This time “bitten by” indicates containment. ROC is a large legendary bird.
16 DEAL OR NO DE,AL[l] – (Noel adored)* followed by “almost all”. Yet Another game show involving DEALs. The referenced article shows that the anagram fodder was cleverly chosen since it’s hosted by Noel Edmonds – who I’m sad to say I’ve never heard of. But then again, he’s never heard of me.
19 C(AM,BOD)IA – The CIA often operate there and show up in crypticland frequently as well.
21 MILI,EU – (limi[t])* followed by EU. Subtraction anagrams are sometimes a little tricky to spot and I saw MILIEU (“setting”) before I understood the wordplay.
22 DO(MINI)CK – A fully spelt-out “fellow” for a change.
24 RU(FF)LE – Straightforward containment but I’m ashamed to say that I had to look up RUFFLE to confirm that it meant “drum beat”.
25 OR,DEAL – Clever: the “even parts” (2nd and 4th words) of 16A which I only worked out as I wrote this. Qualifying with “parts” is appropriate since “oddly” and “evenly” (and variants) refer to letters by convention.


1 D(I)AZE,P(A)M – it’s a Valium-like drug that I’d never heard of – apparently the inspiration for “Mother’s Little Helper”. I think I was smoking pot in my wasted youth instead. I had to use TEA to work this out.
3 IKE – President Eisenhower was nicknamed IKE and it’s hidden in “well-lIKEd”. I think this is qualifies as an &anti-semi-lit since he was actually very well-liked (unlike you know who).
5 DELIVERANCE – double def: a great film directed by John Boorman which does justice to the excellent book by James Dickey. My first clue. “Boorman” + “release” made it obvious.
6 G(RAN)ARY – “Cooper” was very well-hidden at the beginning of the clue so didn’t occur me that it referred to anything other than someone who makes barrels. By the way, I know that GARY Cooper was a v. famous actor but I couldn’t tell you even one of his movies.
7 SHOW,ER – Not sure of this: the wordplay seems clear: SHOW=demonstrate followed by ER=queen. But I don’t see how SHOWER is defined by “See disorganised group”. Offers?
9 SN(OW L)EOPARD – (spared no)* contains (“in its clutches”) OWL.
12 COCK-AND-BULL – two cryptic definitions: I’d recently seen Tristram Shandy: A COCK-AND-BULL story on a plane so…
15 NAUTI,CAL – One of my last clues: actually quite clever. NAUTI=”naughty” followed by CAL[ifornia].
17 DETENTE – very well-hidden in: “InsiDE TENT Expect…”). At first I thought that it was a containment clue (with “tent” “inside” something).

4 Responses to “Independent 6344/Dac – DIAZEPAM”

  1. says:

    Hi Ilan – glad you made it home from the blog party.

    I haven’t seen the clue you refer to at 7dn, but in English (and I think it is a ‘Britishism’) a shower can indeed be a disorganised gruop: as in ‘gosh, you’re an absolute shower’! As to pronunciation, try Terry-Thomas’s ‘shaaaaah’.

  2. says:

    Collins to the rescue comes:

    and includes “disorganized person” too. Terry Thomas is just right – I don’t think I’ve ever heard this sense in real life.

  3. says:

    Yeah – it’s there in Collins (def #5). Oh well. You’d think I’d’ve learned by now. In my defense I will offer that I was blinded by “see” and cathedral cities.

  4. says:

    16A (DEAL OR NO DEAL): Brilliant – though not so brilliant as Virgilius’s achievement yesterday.

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