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Independent on Sunday 887 by Quixote – All clear in the end

Posted by nmsindy on February 15th, 2007


Not quite as easy as some recent puzzles in this series, but all clear in the end.

Solving time: 21 mins


1 GE(R)T RUDE R = King Queen Gertrude of Denmark, mother of Hamlet in Shakepeare’s play.


10 BEA(G)LE g (good) for d (daughter) in beadle (“parish officer”) as the setter as editor of the Church Times Crossword will know well, I’m sure.

12 BRON (born)* CO “care of” Good. Definition and wordplay side by side, but whole clue can read as a definition too. “Horse born to be wild that’s taken care of” “that’s taken” is a link in the wordplay.


17 B LOND(on) E Harlow in Essex and (Jean) Harlow (1901-1937) the blonde.

20 CHAR LOCK My last entry. Wild mustard.


1 HELIUM He is its chemical symbol. Clever, and, though I’d seen this idea before, for this element and others (e.g. As = Arsenic), did not get it for quite a while.

3 CUTTING CORNERS Do an empirical test with any square or rectangle – take the corners off and you’ve an eight-sided figure.

5 MA (LAPROP) (popular)* less u. Mrs Malaprop, someone who misuses words, originally from a character in Sheridan’s play “The Rivals”. Related noun: malapropism.

6 BELL TENT (tell)* in bent = a type of grass

8 SEBASTIAN CABOT Venetian navigator and cartographer (1474-1557) (AB cast into sea b)* – Good surface reading. AB, a crossword staple from way back meaning able-bodied seaman (or seawoman) – one more skilled than the ordinary seaman (OS). Here, of course it’s part of the “anagram fodder”

12 BOATLOAD Jolly = sailor (a royal marine). Good

18 ECCLES A town in the Salford area and also abbreviation of Ecclesiastes (Book of the Bible), not Ecclesiasticus, as I had thought  – thanks to Quixote himself (see below) for putting me right on this.    Took me a while to get this answer.

2 Responses to “Independent on Sunday 887 by Quixote – All clear in the end”

  1. says:

    Ecclesiastes, actually

  2. says:

    Won’t argue with the editor of the Church Times xword on this – he is correct. The book I erroneously quoted is one of the Apocrypha (which must have been lodged in memory)

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