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Independent 6340 / Nimrod – a bit of a puzzle …

Posted by petebiddlecombe on 16th February 2007


Solving time: about 38 minutes.

Timing is a bit rough – I was traversing London by train and tube, and there were various interruptions for changes. There is some kind of theme here, but I don’t fully understand it. Part of my slowness was down to a slip on 8D and the odd other red herring (laughter).

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Guardian 24002/Logodaedalus

Posted by Colin Blackburn on 16th February 2007

Colin Blackburn.

I haven’t reviewed a Friday Guardian before and I admit that upon opening the paper and seeing Logodaedalus I did consider reviewing the excellent Phi puzzle in the Independent and simply pretending I’d forgotten the rota (apologies to tilsit.) It’s one of those puzzles I did in fits and starts through the day when I could find time between preparing for my annual staff review and having the review. This setter has never been one of my Guardian favourites and I did have to check a few answers. Some of the cluing was spot on but I still seem to not read Logodaedalus that well. Read the rest of this entry »

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Independent 6345 / Phi – Enjoyable fun

Posted by tilsit on 16th February 2007


Solving time: 22 minutes

After a short stay as a guest of the NHS, I came out with the prospect of a long rest and recuperation period with the anticipation of being able to solve lots of puzzles, do a bit of compiling and maybe start the great novel that I had within me. Not a bit of it! It’s been all daytime telly including seeing the remnants of the gene pool selling their secrets and souls on the Jeremy Kyle Show. It’s a show with a host so mug and condescending that you loathe him as much as the cast-offs that appear on it.

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Inquisitor #6/Military Marches by Kruger

Posted by loonapick on 16th February 2007


 If I had looked up Kruger’s bio before tackling this puzzle, I may have saved myself some time, as he has listed among his hobbies long-distance walking.   

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