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Guardian 24002/Logodaedalus

Posted by Colin Blackburn on February 16th, 2007

Colin Blackburn.

I haven’t reviewed a Friday Guardian before and I admit that upon opening the paper and seeing Logodaedalus I did consider reviewing the excellent Phi puzzle in the Independent and simply pretending I’d forgotten the rota (apologies to tilsit.) It’s one of those puzzles I did in fits and starts through the day when I could find time between preparing for my annual staff review and having the review. This setter has never been one of my Guardian favourites and I did have to check a few answers. Some of the cluing was spot on but I still seem to not read Logodaedalus that well.

1 SCHEMER — S+CHE(M)ER — Machiavelli was a bit of a schemer apparently. S = son, M = married.
5 CAMPARI — C(A+MP)AR+I — diner = car, as in a dining car.
11 BREADSTICKS — (TIRED BACKS)* — nice anagram but a grissino can’t be much else, especially if you’ve stared at grissini wrappers in an Italian restaurant all night while waiting for your date to arrive!
14 DEMIMONDE — (DENIM MODE) — not a very well hidden anagram and I’m not sure dressed works that well as an anagrind.
26 BETTERMENT — BE+T(TERM)ENT — Hilary is one of the university terms at Oxford, perhaps Cambridge too?Not Cambridge apparently, thanks Matto.
2 CAMILLE — CAM(ILL)E — came = happened, I’d not heard of the film so I initially looked for the hidden name of a pain-killer.
3 ENTRY — ENTR(eat)Y — almost a reverse hidden clue.
  EMBARGO — (O+GRAB+ME)< — a very nice full reversal.
7 PATRIOTIC — (APRICOT+IT)* — nicely misleading definition, I was looking for variations on rustic for a while. The definition here is “Country lovers are [this].”
9 RECORD-BREAKER — ? — I can see the definition and record (= history) but how does white horse = breaker? Thnaks to BenIngton, white horse = breaker, as in a white-crested breaking wave. Oddly this dawned on me over night when I remembered one of those Guiness adverts.
15 IRISH STEW — (RISES WITH) — a very nice simple anagram, words like ‘with’ don’t often appear as anagram fodder.
18 ETAGERE — (ERE GATE)< — not an obvious word, for me, but using gate in the clue helped.
15 ATONE — AT+ONE — is one lunchtime? I think a questionmark might have helped.

4 Responses to “Guardian 24002/Logodaedalus”

  1. says:

    Re 9d, the breaker is a white crested surfing(?) wave:

    In Lord of the Rings (book and film), the river that rises to drown the Nazgul has waves that take the shape of white horses.

    I quite enjoyed this puzzle; some nice clues and I learnt a new word (never heard of grissino before)

  2. says:

    Just a point of info. re Cambridge academic terms, which are named Michaelmas, Lent and Easter.

    By the way, I agree with you abut not quite being in tune with this setter. The puzzle lacked a little verve for my liking.

  3. says:

    Despite having a copy of Azed’s book I hadn’t remembered the identity of Logodaedalus when I did this puzzle. Don Putnam, along with Alec Robins, taught me how to do cryptic puzzles though Alec’s book, ‘ABC of Crosswords’ (aka ‘Teach Yourself Crosswords’) and the four Paperfront collections they did between them, ‘Crosswords for the Discerning’, ‘…Addict’, ‘…Devotee’, and ‘…Enthusiast’. I also used to buy Games and Puzzles, as a then gamer, and look in bafflement at the crossword puzzles in each issue. It was staring at those that lured me into the world of Azed and The Listener. I hadn’t realised that Don edited that series. So, I seem to have a lot for which to thank Logodaedalus.

  4. says:

    Speaking of lunchtime and one o’clock, I was just solving a puzzle in Don Manley’s 4th ed. (crossword #40) and found: “Prolonged rest is right – extending over lunchtime!” which is LIE (I)N so I guess it’s become a bit of a convention.

    Of course, this puzzle was published in the Sunday Times and we all know the idee fixe about the ST.

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