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Independent 6348/Nimrod and Tilsit – Double the fun

Posted by neildubya on 20th February 2007


A new name for the Independent but one our regular readers will certainly recognise! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a crossword attributed to more than one setter before, although the Guardian does occasionally publish puzzles by Biggles, which is apparently 4 different people, all called John (the Biggles books were by WE Johns or “we johns”).

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Guardian 24,005, Brendan: Lingalongabrendan

Posted by michod on 20th February 2007


There’s usually (always?)  a theme from Breandan, and a rather clever one in this case. The six-letter downs in top left and bottom right are all three letter words doubled, and the eight-letter pairs in the other two corners are all _ing-_ong. For me, it was obvious something was going on after DINGDONG and CANCAN, but the precise nature of the theme still held out for a while.

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