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Guardian 24,005, Brendan: Lingalongabrendan

Posted by michod on February 20th, 2007


There’s usually (always?)  a theme from Breandan, and a rather clever one in this case. The six-letter downs in top left and bottom right are all three letter words doubled, and the eight-letter pairs in the other two corners are all _ing-_ong. For me, it was obvious something was going on after DINGDONG and CANCAN, but the precise nature of the theme still held out for a while.


1. TUBE ROSE. Not, as it looks at first sight, a type of rose.

5. CHAS ED. One name was obvious, the other less so.

9. RING ROAD. ORGAN* in RID. Good clue, with a nice cryptic definition and ambiguous  wordplay – it could have been an anagram of CLEAR with an organ in it.

14. PROLEGOMENON. Just about remembered how to spell this, but can’t see the wordplay. I see PRO for ‘ace’, and ON for ‘cricket side’, maybe even LOG ON for ‘sign on’, but can’t fit it together. Any offers?

18. IRISH SETTER. Requires one to know (or, at not too much of a stretch, guess) the nationality off the compiler, but then I believe Brendan’s used this appellation before.

21. GO-GETTERS. At the risk of reigniting yesterday’s debate, I’d class this as an inadequately cryptic CD.

23. A_O_A. Looks classical, but it’s evading me.


26. GAGGED. See 21 across.



2. BON(BO)N. B.O. Being a smell, though far from sweet.

4. SCARCELY EVER. CRAVES CELERY*. As in ‘once in a blue moon’.

7. (ble)SINGS ON G(odchild). Cunningly concealed.

8. DING-DONG. Ref the bell that stops a round in boxing.


16. PING-PONG. CD, but pretty obvious as soon as you think of it literally.

17. KIN(G K)O, NG. The wordplay appeared to give KING RING (with G forGreek), which threw me at first, especially as ‘epic’ is a pretty loose definition for the ape movie.

18. TOMTOM. I didn’t know of motmots, but they seem to be rather beautiful central  American birds – the turqoise-browed motmot being the national bird of Nicaragua.

20. CAN CAN. Tintin’s favourite dance?


5 Responses to “Guardian 24,005, Brendan: Lingalongabrendan”

  1. says:

    AG(O)RA — I’m sure someone’s buried in the Taj Mahal in Agra (I haven’t checked).

  2. says:

    I read it as: PRO,LEG(OMEN)ON

  3. says:

    Thanks Ilan – as ever, there’s not much gets past your bat.

  4. says:

    What an unromantic chap you are ilan – I thought everyone knew that the grief-stricken Shah Jahan built the Taj as a mausoleum for his favourite wife Mumtaz! :)

    Re 14a, I finally read it as PRO + LEG + OMEN +ON. Bit confusing as LEG and ON are the same thing in cricket but since “‘side’s” refers to the singular, the final ON must be the ON after ‘sign’.

    Enjoyed this puzzle but never noticed the theme until it was pointed out here.

  5. says:

    Things are getting bad indeed if i manage to see cricket terms before michod! :)

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