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Guardian 24006/Quantum – very easy but a sting in the tail

Posted by linxit on February 21st, 2007


For a while I thought I was going to go sub 5 minutes on this puzzle, but in the end there’s one left that I can’t get. I got the two 15-letter downs straight away, then nearly all the acrosses went in at first glance which gave me most of the downs with all the checking letters in place before I’d looked at them. So pretty soon all I had left was 4dn…no idea!

9 ER(RONEO)US (SURE rev) – I was lucky that I’d seen RONEO recently in another crossword somewhere, as I’d never heard of it until then.
12 O,NT,RUST – Almost put in NO DOUBT here without checking the wordplay, but luckily decided to wait.
14 DILETTANTE (t-talented I)*
15 YARDAGE – double definition
19 UNRULINESS (unless ruin)*
24 BELLINI (I’ll be in)* – I’d always thought Bellini was the name of a composer, but…oh, it is! But the clue’s about this guy.

4 ?O?E ?I?E Looks like a cryptic definition, but even half an hour after solving the puzzle I still can’t think of an answer. [CORE TIME, as explained below by colinblackburn]
6 ECSTATIC (Site at CC)*
17 CASE,BOOK – Examine = case as in the expression “case the joint”, nice clue.
18 (s)IMPLICIT(y) – another good clue. I got the answer from the definition and checked letters before spotting how the clue worked.
21 LAST – obviously! I’ve seen clues similar to this a few times lately.

7 Responses to “Guardian 24006/Quantum – very easy but a sting in the tail”

  1. says:

    4d is CORE TIME It is a CD and a reference to the core time that forms part of flexitime working .

  2. says:

    What’s the clue to 4D?

  3. says:

    Appropriately enough 21D was the last clue I solved — which made me think that the setter was doing some Uri Geller-like manipulation of my mind: “Go on as this clue?”

  4. says:

    Thanks for the solution for 4d – I too thought I was going to solve this in record time until I hit the wall that was 4d…

    Feeling slightly disgruntled now as I worked on flexitime for quite a few years and feel I should have got it!!

  5. says:

    For Neil, the clue to 4d was “Fixed part of a flexible arrangement (4,4)”. I’ve never worked on flexitime myself, so didn’t even know this was a valid phrase, and certainly wouldn’t have guessed it.

    Thanks for the explanation, Colin.

  6. says:

    With respect to Quantum – whose puzz offers many fine clues – and all concerned, I think the cd at 4dn is insufficient. Nice surface, mind you, but for me it is too loose – some SI is called for. Anag meteoric, anyone?

  7. says:

    CORE TIME: with these checking letters, I agree that we really need a bit more. With C?R? T?M? I suspect the 5-minute barrier would have been broken. Personally I prefer CD’s with a bit more to them rather than ruling out the clue-type – e.g. “Stern person shouting at those having a row” for COXSWAIN (Times) – “stern” and “row” give you two punning routes to the answer.

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