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Independent on Sunday 888 by Quixote – tricky in places

Posted by nmsindy on February 22nd, 2007


This was my slowest Quixote solve of 2007 – contains some good stuff as set out below.

Solving time: 34 mins

* = anagram


1 B(AIL)IFF Jointly with 5 down, my favourite clue “Agent spelling trouble when there’s knock outside?”, Ail being trouble and biff knock

5 PRI(d)E ST d = departs St = saint (“very holy”)

9 CO(a)XED

12 BAR CEL(O)NA O in (clean)* “Old city” was nicely misleading with Ur, Troy coming to mind before light dawned.

13 ELS IN OR E Crossword staples: in = home: gold = or The setting for Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Prince of Denmark.


17 TO BAG O In the West Indies (WI)


23 KE BA B Switch flanks in BAKE

24 Heinrich HEINE and Thomas Mann (German writers) The publisher Heinemann

26 PEARLY “Purley”

27 AM ENDED PM begins when AM ends (at noon)


3 IRONS Golf clubs and evening i.e. ironing clothes

4 Gustave FLAUBERT “Flow” “Bare” Very good. Author of Madame Bovary.

5 PIE(d-a-te)RRE Another cracker: “Frenchman throwing girl out of flat?” All the better because of the French context of the longer word. girlfriend = date. These subtractive clues are usually harder, because the subtractive bit is invisible in the grid. Here for example you have at most three letters of the ten.

7 SEX TONS Hmmm…

11 NIGHTWEAR Cryptic definition.

18 B (A PT IS) E Strange definition (to fit in with the wordplay, I guess) “to sign up in a non-dry fashion”

20 HUB BAR D Old Mother Hubbard of the nursery rhyme.

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