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Azed 1812 – My first Azed blog, and just relieved to have finished the puzzle…

Posted by loonapick on 25th February 2007


My first Azed blog, and I kinda left it to the last minute to start solving it (ie last night), but I got there in the end. Typical Azed puzzle, full of obscure words and definitions, but all perfectly fair. I solve Azeds by passing over the clues once, and placing the half-a-dozen or so clues I get first time in the grid. Then I go over it a little more slowly, using checked letters to elp me add some more. If I can get half of the answers in before reaching for my Chambers, I am generally happy. I think I achieved more or less that amount while solving this one.

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Everyman 3151/Feb 18 – 17th century

Posted by ilancaron on 25th February 2007


If Monday is the Day of Cryptic Definition (from Rufus), then Sunday’s Everyman is a day for well-constructed Ximenean clues without recourse to puns.

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