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Everyman 3151/Feb 18 – 17th century

Posted by ilancaron on February 25th, 2007


If Monday is the Day of Cryptic Definition (from Rufus), then Sunday’s Everyman is a day for well-constructed Ximenean clues without recourse to puns.


4 [g]O SLO[w] – “endless” removes both the beginning and end of GO SLOW which is somewhat unusual but perfectly valid. And again nice to see OSLO not clued in Czechoslovakia.
9 OBESE – hidden in “Mother-tO-BE SEems…”. Nice clue.
10 E(YEBR)IGHT – Another flower learnt via cryptics. EIGHT (our “number”) contains byre*.
12 SNOW,D,ON – the only British mountain I can remember (OK, Ben Nevis as well). CP SNOW’s our “novelist”, years ago I read many of his novels.
13 TIDY SUM – (study? I’m)*. The enumeration in the online edition was given incorrectly as (7).
17 B(READ) AND B,UTTER – Nice clue – both Bed and Breakfast and Bread and Butter are “B&B”.
23 DAM,A,SCENE – ornamentation on your sword in the style of Damascus. As for SCENE being a “tasteless display”, well, at home we believe our domestic SCENEs to be quite dramatic, yet tasteful.
25 HOOKE[d] – Robert HOOKE was a 17C English scientist who gave Newton a run for his money (proposing e.g. a wave theory of light and the inverse square law of gravity before the Great Man – without proof though).
26 EAR,N – nice simple clue: def is “make” with N[ervous] at the end.
27 S.P.,LE(N,DID)LY – N for “knight” and Sir Pieter LELY was a 17C English painter of Dutch origin and a contemporary of Hooke.


3 ABERDEEN ANGUS – Well-known cattle breed. Turns out ANGUS is no longer a county but a council area.
5 ELECT,RA – She was Agamemnon’s daughter (and cousin to Helen).
7 SA,G – nice simple clue again: SA is “it” (as in, sex appeal)
8 ON (TIM)E – Our TLB (three-letter boy) is TIM this time.
11 RIDE (ROUGH)SHOD – (horse did)* contains ROUGH for “uncut grass” as in the unmowed stuff lining a golf green.
14 SPLIT,SECOND – Nice clue again: SECOND in the cryptic reading is to “transfer” typically used in military contexts. SPLIT is a Croatian resort that I visited as a teenager when it was still Yugoslavia.
16 GREENE,RY – Another British writer: this time Graham GREENE.
18 ANTWERP – (new part)*. Without checking I’m going to assume that ANTWERP is a “province” as well as a town. Perhaps couldn’t be fit in last week’s Belgian puzzle?
19 DEAD,EYE – last clue. “Gone to sleep” is a euphemism for DEAD in genteel families.

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