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Independent 6355 / Dac to Normal

Posted by tilsit on 28th February 2007


Solving time: 24 minutes (one dubious answer)

Another sound puzzle from Dac which held my enjoyment right the way through.
Not terribly sure about 13 across, I wondered if the countries had been switched.  I thought (wrongly) MATÉ is a food in Japan, and a China is Cockney for a MATE (China Plate).   However a check in Chambers reveals MATE to be a Paraguayan bush that can be made into a tea, so any ideas?

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Guardian 24012/Araucaria – this is a really hard week!

Posted by linxit on 28th February 2007


I was at a beer-tasting event last night, so was hoping for an easy puzzle today – no such luck! I groaned when I saw it was Araucaria, but after looking over the clues I saw the theme and relaxed a bit. As a former Ladbrokes betting-shop manager I’m very familiar with the racecourses and big races that make up today’s theme, and quickly found them all. As for the rest of it though… This would have been OK as a Saturday prize puzzle, when most solvers are at home and have access to dictionaries and reference books, but I certainly wouldn’t have finished it on the train! As it is I had to look up 4 or 5 answers in online dictionaries and/or Wikipedia. I’m half convinced 12ac is actually a made-up word! I couldn’t find it on

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