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Independent 6355 / Dac to Normal

Posted by tilsit on February 28th, 2007


Solving time: 24 minutes (one dubious answer)

Another sound puzzle from Dac which held my enjoyment right the way through.
Not terribly sure about 13 across, I wondered if the countries had been switched.  I thought (wrongly) MATÉ is a food in Japan, and a China is Cockney for a MATE (China Plate).   However a check in Chambers reveals MATE to be a Paraguayan bush that can be made into a tea, so any ideas?

1  BIGAMIST Usually this tends to attract a cryptic definition (Is the penalty for this criminal two mothers-in-law? (c) Les Dawson). This conveyed a nice image  Epic film =  BIG MIST about A.
5. CAMPER    River =  CAM   TRAVELLER reversed =  PER
10 LOTTO L =  League +  OTTO
11/12 LOITERING WITH INTENT  Anag of  WINTER NIGHT inside anag of TOILET. 
13 MATÉ  See above
15 ARMED A Cockney would say ‘ARMED for ‘INJURED’
17 MOON-EYED MO = a short time  ONE +  YE’D  Why “met”?
19 DRAGONET Curse =  DRAT with GONE = dead inside
20 NURSE Railwaymen’s = NUR’S + Introduction to engine = E
22 EASE  Ecstasy tablets, I am told = E’S
23/27 HAVE A LOT ON ONE’S PLATE  Cryptic def.  I would normally feel uneasy about these clues that could contain  ONE’S or YOUR – but I suppose that the clue wording makes it clear in this instance.
28 ADAIR The late RED ADAIR was a chap who fought oil rig and other tough fires.
2 GET IT EG reversed + TIT
3 MOOD INDICO Low noise –  MOO DIN D = died  I GO = I attempt.  The classic piece made famous by Duke Ellington.
6 ALEX  ALE + X 
8 RAGGED Double def
9 SIGNPOST Double def   Nicely worded!
14 KENNELMAID   Cryptic def   Hmmmm……
16 MARE’S NEST aNAGRAM OF steersman
17 MANDALAY A LAD reversed inside MANY
18 LEONARDO On = working  inside anag of ORDEAL
21 RECOIL RE = conCerning  COIL = form of contraception.  Not seen before in a daily crossword!
24 ENEMA I don’t think a serene man would happily face one of these!
25 TRAIN  Double def
26 OPEN  O = Old   pen = Penitentiary = Prison.

5 Responses to “Independent 6355 / Dac to Normal”

  1. says:

    I put FARE for 13A – FAR E(east). Not completely convinced though…

  2. says:

    I’m pretty certain FARE is right, I’ve seen a variant of this clue at least a couple of times recently in dailies (possibly one being a Times or Times Jumbo?). I’d not heard of MANDINGO though, which was a lucky guess given the many possibilities for ‘fellow’.

  3. says:

    Make it three for FARE = FAR E(east) though I always approach ?A?E clues nervously.

  4. says:

    Yes, FARE sounds good. I put CAKE, reasoning that if C is China then AKE (pron ah-kay) must be, er. something Japanese. Maybe ‘reasoning’ is the wrong word.

  5. says:

    It was FARE. Thanks for the expanation.

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