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Independent on Sunday 889 by Quixote – not too hard

Posted by nmsindy on March 1st, 2007


Fairly straightforward, with the SW corner the slowest. As always with Quixote, everything stacks up unambiguously.

Solving time: 21 mins

* = anagram


8 TI PP ER Slightly unusual construction in which the solution (tipper) “gets rid of two pianos” i.e. p twice (music) to get you tier = row

9 FLOWER POT River = flower i.e. something that flows (I’d love to know who first thought of this so many years ago.) pot = grass (drug)


22 SNAKEBITE (is taken be)* A drink of cider and lager half-in-half. Something I learned from this crossword which was why this was the last I solved.

23 (serMON)DAY Half sermon “forgotten” Good – there’s rarely a Quixote puzzle without a church reference.


1 STITCH Double definition. Good surface.

2 FEN NEL Len “pulled up”

5 T REAS(s)URE s = son is removed “son denied”

6 COPPER-BOTTOMED Cu is symbol for Copper so, if you read apercu “down” e.g. as it would appear as a down entry, cu is at the bottom.

9 PAN HANDLE STATE Criticise, deal in, say . That’s what West Virginia is known as because of its apppearance on a map.

10 F RAN CO Spanish dictator from the end of the Spanish Civil War in 1939 to his death in 1975.

15 LO (AMIES)T Hardy Amies of fashion fame.

17 A D(M)IRE “Like” made me think of an adjective first, but it is the definition. Dire = wretched m = maiden (cricket) – an over in which no runs are scored. You hear it referred to less now because with all the number crunching it’s easy to look at each ball bowled by the bowler and draw up analyses based on the total balls bowled.

18 RAT I ON Not a sandy desert but to rat on = betray or desert

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