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Independent 6357 by Phi All you expect from Phi (and more!)

Posted by nmsindy on March 2nd, 2007


This had everything I expect from Phi, clear precise, clues, easier wordplay to the less familiar words, everything fully understood.    The extra bit was that, like some other of this week’s puzzles, there was a theme.    I refer to it at the end of the review, following the clue explanations.

Solving time:   14 mins

* = anagram


1  G EMST (Mets)* ONE (individual)      brilliant = gem

9 OT (back to) I (one) OSE (first letters = leaders)

10 BLUR(b)

12 (p)ANTS

16 FINALS  The “final” one I solved.    Thesis has a final s, unlike university

21 DR OP   Liked that!

24 MY TH   First and last letters (limits)

25 PENC(e) I L   i’ for in, I think, I’d associate this more with advanced crosswords, rather than the daily cryptic


1 HELL ENIC (cine reversed)   I did wonder if “in” should have been “on”

3 NO V A      Surface reading relates to football, I’d say.


7 E SP RIT     Traces = first letters (again more often seen in advanced puzzles) weary = tire (upset)


14 VER(y) MICE LLI (ill on the rise)

17 SHO (ETRE) E   A query in that the definition is “form of footwear” but dicts suggest, as I’d thought myself, that it was something put into a shoe, when not being worn, to keep its shape  Dior’s “to be” = the French for “to be” = etre (ignoring accent) in (hose)*

19 L IS BET   Is in (belt)*    Easy clue to a not so familiar word.

20 A LL(I)UM  (Mull coming up)

Those last two words in particular needed because of the theme.     Top and bottom rows spell HUNT THE THIMBLE (party game).

One Response to “Independent 6357 by Phi All you expect from Phi (and more!)”

  1. says:

    In 1 Down ‘depicted in film’ is the definition of cine, rather than an indication that hell should be placed ‘on’ cine reversed.

    Collins defines shoetree as “a wooden or metal form” – thus, slightly cryptic definition suggested by question mark.

    Phi was hoping this might be selected as a Saturday prize puzzle, but I was worried that solvers might be agonising over whether to highlight the thimble in the grid. At least the instruction wasn’t ‘black out the thimble’ – Listener aficionados will understand.

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