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Independent 6352 / Bannsider – More Ashes!

Posted by bensand on March 3rd, 2007


A prize crossword and I found it trickier than a weekday with some fairly current references and well hidden definitions. As far as I can see, which is not always far in such matters, no theme! If I’d read the comments on Bannsider’s debut I might have got one across more quickly!

There’s one answer I can’t fully explain, I did it last Saturday and thought I’d come back to it in the week to write the blog and explain the last to myself but somehow I didn’t get round to it.

1 DYNAMO KIEV – (manky video)* tried an anagram of video nasty first but there’s only one set of playing Ukrainians I’ve heard of so didn’t take long
9 FISC – F(IS)C Wolves are another FC but that was the last of the football
13 BROWNED OFF – BR for brother, OWNED for had, OFF for turned, as in rotten
12 DESSERT SPOON – Cryptic definition. A canteen being a box of cooking utensils and the fool being a bowl of crushed fruit rather than an ass this time. I briefly tried to work with spoon as fool but it was going nowhere
15 BOB GELDOF – Definition referring to charitable works and GOBBLE SPOON = (BOB GELDOF + O)* Another example for the debate on including living people. Personally I’ve got no problem with it and tend to enjoy clues such as this one
17 E(VIC)T – Stranger is ET, the bar of soap is a well-hidden reference to the Queen Vic in Eastenders! I racked my brains thinking of soap brands before the penny dropped.
19 MILK TEETH – Squeeze is milk, clout is teeth as in influence, milk teeth fall out causing family drama and emptying the fairy fisc
20 OUT ON ONES EAR – This is my problem entry. Last to be filled in with all checked letters. Whole means dismissed, OUT could be unnacceptable, SEAR could be brand, if about
was made to work double time then could “about I” be “on one” at a stretch? I don’t think that’s the whole story
25 SCOTCH PINE – (cones pitch)* &lit, easy enough but pleasing!
25 END OF STORY – read “relations” as “narrations” and the close is “end of story”, as is “that’s all”
2 NOOK – “no ok” is “not ok” for Scots
3 MO + N + TEN + EGRINS – EGRINS = (singer)* I wasn’t overwhelmingly keen on done as an anagrind but Chambers has “set in order” as one definition of do which makes it irreproachable!
4 KUDOS – SO(D)UK <=
5 EFFORTFUL – (of truffle)*
7 IMPROVISED – Better is IMPROVED fencing in IS for “knocked together”. Smooth surface and nice definition
8 COCONUT SHY – CO are first 2 letters of court, doubled for COCO + NUT + SHY
11 ASHES TO ASHES – A swift reminder of Wednesday’s puzzle but the only ashes I could find this time round. Wordplay is “A SHE STASHES” with an O for empty.
10 OBJECT BALL – Goal is OBJECT, one hits a ball and there’s a snooker reference for hitting the object ball on the break. Didn’t take to this one much but maybe I’m missing something
21 SET-TO – Nice reference with the first word being the definition. Wordplay is ST for stone, T for ton, E for Rubble’s last and O for circle
22 DID+O – Another living person!
23 BEVY – A slight oddity here in that “when talking” makes a homophone for bevvy for drink but surely bevy can be used as is for drink? It certainly makes the surface more readable…

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  1. says:

    In 20 across ON is clued as “possible.” Collins only allows one spelling of bevvy as a drink, but it’s true that Chambers allows bevy for the same meaning. As you say, the homophone helps the surface reading.

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