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Azed 1813

Posted by Colin Blackburn on March 4th, 2007

Colin Blackburn.

This review is brought to you by linxit and colinblackburn.

linxit writes…

After a good run of completed Azeds earlier in the year I’ve gone through a bit of a bad patch lately, having just one or two characters left (usually a single unch from a four- or five-letter word) in the last two plain ones, and never really got started with the last Competition one. Still, no such problems with this, solved in about 33 mins.

I write…

I very much enjoy Azed but my obsession (but lack of success) with thematic puzzles means I often fail to find the time to finish an Azed. Writing this review has forced me to finish the across answers at least! As usual with Azed there are plenty of obscure words, Latin phrases and interesting word play.

1 A,B,SIT IN,V(I’D)IA — the word play here was fair enough but I didn’t see the answer until I’d got a few down answers in, meaning that I had a relatively slow start.
10 CAPER,NAITE — (ENTIA)* — an easy clue even though I didn’t really know my transubstantiationists.
14 HA(RN)S — Azed exploiting the Scottish words in Chambers, harns is Scots for brains.
15 RACLO,IR — (CORAL)* — IR is just the ends of islander, ie disheartened.
20 LOO, SEN — a lovely clue. Loo could be ladies, a sen is 100th of a yen.
23 STERN — R in NETS reversed. A typical Azed clue, this part of trawler is the stern, the stern of trawler is R.
25 CR,A,CH,A,CH — crachach are Welsh people who affect English customs and mannerisms. It’s Welsh for little scabs, delightful.
32 O,RLY — odd little clue to a word not flagged as not being in Chambers. SNCF in the French national railway.
33 VOLE,NTE DEO — (DEE NOT)* — what’s commonly referred to as a water rat is a vole, hence the say. The second Latin phrase of the puzzle and my last answer.
34 MEAN FREE PATH — (PER THE AA MEN)* around F — an excellent anagram woven into a nice surface.
Back to linxit…
2 BAR,A,ZA — ZA is the IVR abbreviation for South Africa.
4 T,RUSTY — new meaning of this word for me.
5 INFRA — (rainf)* — ref the phrase “infra dig” meaning totally uncool.
8 I(TALIOT)E — (toilat)* inside i.e. – apparently Pythagoras settled in Italy.
11 PERENNITY — – TINNER in YEP, all reversed.
  CHI(PO)CHI,A — not keen on this. PO is short for chamber-pot, not chamber.
16 P(‘ANCH)EON — another dodgy clue. Why suddenly lapse into dropping one’s aitches after “hand holding” with them?
23 S(HOT)TE — very good clue, I liked “as it comes out of the oven” for “hot”. However, very difficult to spot in Chambers,as it doesn’t have its own entry other than as a third alternative spelling of “shoat”. Last one I put in.
26 (ma)CHINE(ry) — I kind of thought Azed frowned on deletion clues where the deletion is not of consecutive letters, but Iguess this one’s OK because he does say “…cut from outside…”
27 ZE(R)DA — and here we have an indirect anagram! But there’s only one possibility for the anagram fodder so again it’sacceptable (although it generated quite a bit of discussion on the Crossword Centre messageboard).

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  1. says:

    The excuse for chamber = po: “chamber” is defined in Chambers as “a chamberpot”

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