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Everyman 3152/Feb 25 – Pee on the IRS?

Posted by ilancaron on March 4th, 2007


I’m sure the 8th row of unches reading PEE (on the) IRS is unrelated to the fact that I’m in the middle of trying to do my taxes for 2006. Right?


4 OF,F,SPRING – nice clue with two ways to read surface: as intended (“result”) and, in the converse manner: OFF,SPRING, the opposite of a “fine season”.
11 HELTER-SKELTER – 2 meanings .
13 UN,RAVEL – nice clue in which “French” cleverly overlaps in the cryptic and surface readings.
14 AR,BUT,US – New word for me: ARBUTUS is a kind of “evergreen” shrub.
18 PALE=”pail” ALE=”ail”
19 GENERAL, STRIKE – I suppose if the GENERALs themselves went on STRIKE, it’d be a putsch.
22 AMBROSE – (some bar). Using “prejudiced” as the anagrind is a bit odd to me. I actually looked St. Ambrose up.
24 SHE,F,FIELD – nice clue: SHE’s our “book” by Rider Haggard (and not our “female”) and John FIELD is our “Irish composer” (didn’t know this, but worked back from SHEFFIELD).
25 SYNOD – hidden in “buSY NO Doubt”.


2 B(UTCHER)ED – (the cur)* in BED!
3 THE GLOVES ARE OFF – double/cryptic def: i.e. two meanings with one cryptic (“gauntlets having been thrown down?”).
4 O,IL (WEL)L – rev(Lew) in ILL. “Boring” is a noun not an adjective in the cryptic reading.
5 FREE,SI,A – rev(is) then A[ttic]. A down clue, “climbing” and “roof” are very precise.
6 POCKET BILLIARDS – (Blacklisted pro, I)*
8 GET, DRESSED – Def is “Don” with capitalization nicely hiding the verb rather than the name. DRESSED is “treated” of course but not sure how “hit” is GET unless in the sense of comprehension?
12 SUPER,GRASS – “Informer, good and bent?”. Def: “informer”. SUPER is “good” but what about “bent” and GRASS?
17 RE,LIEVE=”leave”
18 PITCH,ED – Does the setter harbor some resentment for his editor?
20 NOB,LE – One of the reasons I like Everyman (and Azed) is clue precision: here a NOBLE is indeed a “gold coin, now obsolete” worth 6s 8d. This time there is no overlap of “French” in the cryptic and surface readings.

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  1. says:

    12D Bent is a type of grass

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