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Independent 6359 / Math

Posted by tilsit on March 5th, 2007


Completion Time: 11 minutes (including 3 minutes working out 10 across)

Oh dear.  I have thought about this long and hard, went away, downed copious coffees and medication, and came back but I still feel the same.

I have previously been a fan of Math’s puzzles but this just did nothing much for me. 

There were a couple of nice clues, but quite a few I had seen before, and coupled with a few anagrams and some trite Cryptic Definitions, the puzzle became something of a chore fairly quickly.

ACROSS  ( * = anagram  )
6  SPECIFICATION   One of the clues I liked,  IF APT CONCISE I*
8  AGNOSTIC    One I had seen several times before  COASTING*.  Use of linkword IN ok?
9  YIELDS   YES I’D L*  Three anagrams in a row!
10  CROMWELL    Hmmm…. Would Araucaria use “Some commoners” to indicate COM?  Either very clever or not right.  My jury is out.   COM + WELL (Rise up, as in tears) with  R inserted.  One of those clues I would describe as “trite” being too clever for its own good.

17  MASH      Likewise this one.  MA + H with S (CUPBOARDS FINALLY) inserted.
18  ATTEND     A + TT (Teetotal = dry) + END
19  CATACOMB    CAT (one from Kilkenny = CAT ????) + A COMB
24  OBITUARY     If you have died, have you passed, or passed over?  I have never heard of the former.
25  MUSICOLOGISTS    I am now beginning to lose the will to live…..


2/22  LITTLE BO PEEP    LITTLE (short) + BOP (Dance) + E  +  EP (Record)
3  DISC  First letters
4/2/14  MARY HAD A LITTLE LAMB   Love the (factual) definition MHALL was the first thing put on a gramophone record (Could this have been linked to 3 to provide more of a challenge?).  Hated the other half of the clue.
6/16/12/20/5  SUGAR AND SPICE AND ALL THINGS NICE  I have seen this cryptic definition so many times before.  If anyone is unaware it’s the rhyme  “What are little girls made of?”
11  LYRIC Hidden answer
13  DAMP COURSE  Another I liked.  “Heavy going” relates to horse racing
15  ART FORM Cryptic def.
21  MARKS MAR + K S  (Tops of Khaki Shorts)
23  EASE Probably the best clue of the puzzle – There are two E’s in alleviate.
24  OSLO Hidden answer

I am now off for a lie-down in a darkened room.  Loonapick, care to join me?

6 Responses to “Independent 6359 / Math”

  1. says:

    Is there something personal here? I can’t see why tilsit has to get so worked up over the fact that the crossword is rather easy and some of the clues are a bit mundane. They may be fairly straightforward but most of them seem to me to be perfectly OK, although I rather agree about the clue for CROMWELL.

    No doubt it’s my feeble mind, but I enjoyed this far more than some we have had recently whose praises have been sung.

  2. says:

    With you Wil. I suspect the answer to the question is “yes, Araucaria probably would use something like {some commoners => COM}”. The puzzle was very easy for me, but I can remember the days when it was only the easy puzzles like this one that I had any hope of finishing.

  3. says:

    I’m sure it’s nothing personal, Wil. I think it’s that, just as with music, crossword fans are as likely to agree on the relative merits of various clues and setters as they are on, say, Mahler vs Bruckner, The Beatles vs The Stones, Oasis vs Blur. You pays your money and takes your choice. I’m glad you enjoyed the puzzle. I thought it was quite a gentle start to the week, with some fun clues and a bit of a nursery rhyme theme.

  4. says:

    I liked it too. Yes, CROMWELL was dodgy but no complaints about the rest. Nothing wrong with an easy puzzle, especially on a Monday.

  5. says:

    CROMWELL was eye-catching but it did say “some” which would be OK for a hidden so I think it’s OK here also. Kilkenny cats are proverbial. The Kilkenny team, prominent in Gaelic sports (hurling), are invariably referred to as the Cats. I liked the puzzle.

  6. says:

    To answer Wil’s post, it was nothing personal. I have no idea who Math is, and as I have said I have enjoyed Math’s previous puzzles and when I opened my paper this morning I looked forward to it.

    I have seen the “Sugar and Spice” clue written in exactly the same way a couple of times before, likewise the clue to “agnostic”.

    As something of a crossword anorak, I get to see an awful lot of puzzles and I appreciate that Simon Straphanger on the 8:22 from Penge will probably have enjoyed a gentle challenge, but I am here to report how I felt and understood the puzzle, which is the essence of my blog. There are occasions on where I am the lone voice of dissent against a Listener, the recent Waterloo puzzle being an example.

    I am afraid that I shall continue to be, as well.

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