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Independent 6360 by Virgilius – Anatomy lesson

Posted by nmsindy on 6th March 2007


Another tour de force from Virgilius.    Each row containing a part of the body in approximately correct order from the head to the feet.    Despite this constraint, the remainder of the grid contains normal words.    Some magnificent clues to savour.      They all read so well, make surface sense and are exquisitely constructed.   A pleasure to solve.    One  point to note with phrases in crosswords – two of which appear here – such as 9 and 24 across that ONE’S is used rather than the more natural YOUR.     This is a very precise wording, but the main reason, I guess, is that it’s much easier to find crossing words.    Also a lot of 1950s material in this, noted in clue explanations below.

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Guardian 24017/Brendan – symmetrical anagrams

Posted by ilancaron on 6th March 2007


Solving time: 20’

Rather fast for me for a Brendan. Though I didn’t get all the wordplays while solving and had to rely on definitions. There are a couple of themelets here (war and peace, politics – nothing coherent).

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