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Independent 6360 by Virgilius – Anatomy lesson

Posted by nmsindy on March 6th, 2007


Another tour de force from Virgilius.    Each row containing a part of the body in approximately correct order from the head to the feet.    Despite this constraint, the remainder of the grid contains normal words.    Some magnificent clues to savour.      They all read so well, make surface sense and are exquisitely constructed.   A pleasure to solve.    One  point to note with phrases in crosswords – two of which appear here – such as 9 and 24 across that ONE’S is used rather than the more natural YOUR.     This is a very precise wording, but the main reason, I guess, is that it’s much easier to find crossing words.    Also a lot of 1950s material in this, noted in clue explanations below.

Solving time:   21 mins

* =  anagram

1  HEAD FOR HEIGHTS  (he had + foresight)*    I was looking for someone’s name at first.    5 is EVEREST

8 SHOULDERED ARMS    A military term

11 P ELVIS    The singer Elvis Presley known as “The Pelvis” because of his gyrations.    Ed Sullivan TV show controversy and all that from c. 1956.

15 SCOTLAND  (to clans)* D – one of the  musical notes A to G.     A superb &lit clue.

17 KIDNEY    Also means temperament, nature, i.e. class



2 ATOMS   o in ATMs “Sources of money”    Atom a very small amount.

3 F E LINES    Types of cat.

4  REELS   Double definition.     I remember seeing films which stopped every half hour or so to change to the next reel.

5 EVE RE (“ascent of Queen”) thiS summiT “finally”.      Absolutely brilliant, referring also to the announcement that Everest had been climbed just before the Coronation in 1953.

6 GO A    An area well known to solvers – Portuguese colony on the west coast of India which that country took over in the early 1960s.    Its appeal to setters is the final A, I think.


13 VOTER  “Left-winger or right-winger whose cross goes into the box?”    Wonderful cryptic definition, suggesting football.

14 MA D  Out to lunch = mad

16  ALPHORN  (L= learner on harp)*     a version of alpenhorn.

17  “finders KEEPERS”

20  ERNIE Wise (Comedian) and also Electronic Random Number Indicator Equipment used to select Premium Bonds winners.    Originated in the 1950s.

21 THE FT  (Part of the Yard that’s cut i.e. ft = foot = one-third of a yard)

4 Responses to “Independent 6360 by Virgilius – Anatomy lesson”

  1. says:

    Solved this too quickly to notice the body parts theme. Bearing this in mind, we could maybe have had something about Ernie W’s short fat hairy legs? Still had time to see that there were some absolutely cracking clues.

  2. says:

    The second row does, of course, contain two body parts. I did wonder if one of the lower rows might match this.

  3. says:

    Good spot, Colin, but I think that’s the only one – those not mentioned in review HEART HIP KNEE. SHOULDERING ARMS was the last one I solved.

  4. says:

    A master compiler demonstrating his art.

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