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Independent on Sunday 890 by Quixote – Record-Breaker

Posted by nmsindy on 8th March 2007


Well, just a personal record. I’ve done the great majority of the Indy cryptics since the paper first appeared in 1986 and this was my fastest solve ever. Last year I broke my previous best completing a Phi puzzle in 7 mins, but this was quicker. I always round the time up or down to the nearest minute – that Phi puzzle was somewhere between 7 mins and 7 mins 30 secs. This one I solved in 6 mins 53 secs.

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Guardian 24019/Araucaria – no Brer Rabbit?

Posted by linxit on 8th March 2007


Solving time approx. 20 minutes.

Araucaria again. I got him last week too, on the Wednesday. What have I done to deserve this? Actually most of it wasn’t too bad today, although I got stuck for a while on the last couple of answers (5D and 19D), and had to guess 1D – no idea if I’ve guessed right. I was surprised that Brer Rabbit didn’t make an appearance in the thematic clues.

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Independent 6362/Nestor – You won’t be 19A-ed

Posted by neildubya on 8th March 2007


This seemed slightly easier than Nestor’s previous puzzles but no less brilliant. Practically every clue reads perfectly and the construction of the wordplay is absolutely spot-on throughout. There’s a couple that I didn’t understand but they haven’t detracted from my enjoyment of the puzzle as a whole. If there’s a crossword heaven, I bet all the puzzles in it are like this. Read the rest of this entry »

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Guardian 24,018, Paul: Came unstuck, mea culpa

Posted by michod on 8th March 2007


Oh dear, it had to happen. Did the crossword, pottered around the house all morning while someone fixed the broken drain that’s been causing a stink in my house, checked the site a couple of times to read the blog, and completely forgot it was my day! So here goes, with apologies for the late running of this service. I assume everyone can see the answers now, so will restrict myself to a couple of comments.

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