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Guardian 24,018, Paul: Came unstuck, mea culpa

Posted by michod on March 8th, 2007


Oh dear, it had to happen. Did the crossword, pottered around the house all morning while someone fixed the broken drain that’s been causing a stink in my house, checked the site a couple of times to read the blog, and completely forgot it was my day! So here goes, with apologies for the late running of this service. I assume everyone can see the answers now, so will restrict myself to a couple of comments.


9. MORSE L. Nice clue,  but it had to be morse something, so didn’t take long to get there.  Did anyone check the morse code for L? Or did you know it?

13. CURRY POW(D)ER. Curry meaning to groom a horse came up here a couple of months ago, I think. Not sure whether it’s a real word or just a crossword one -my daughter’s horsey phase was mercifully short, and I generally pleaded allergy and sat in the car doing the Azed.

23. S(KIM)PY. I got this, but for some reason couldn’t see why, though now it’s clear as day. Bond, say is SPY, KIM is a girl (could be a boy, but the one where 007 gets involved with a man has yet to be made).


2. PULL UP – A palindrome.

8. C(OUCH, POT)ATO. CATO is the censor, OUCH is perhaps rather a mild ‘line from torture victim’. Not sure why the beer and pizza fan needs the censor to screen his/her dope, though. Quality control?

16. A DON IS. I’d think of a don as taking a tutorial or lecture, rather than teaching a form, but I suppose some do.

17. MUD PIE. MI(x)ED UP*. I didn’t get this one, and I’m not happy with it. There’s no anagram indicator unless it’s ‘mixed up’, which is also the anagram fodder. With a +lit or semi +lit (the first four words aren’t part of the wordplay), words may have to work for definition and cryptic indication, but why couldn’t this clue have read ‘What child may have mixed up messily – not unknown’?

2 Responses to “Guardian 24,018, Paul: Came unstuck, mea culpa”

  1. says:

    i admit i checked a Morse code table… also thought it pretty clever clue especially if you use TEA.

    Pedantry corner: I thought that 14D: “Bitterly complain character given on-line pass” with RAIL,CARD is missing an “at” or “against” since that how RAIL must be used in this meaning.

    Thanks for decoding COUCH POTATO – didn’t bother once I’d see TV, beer, pizza all in one place.

  2. says:

    CURRY and horses – I’m pretty sure I’ve heard of a “currycomb” outside xwds – your daughter might have been using one. Dictionary confirms that “curry favour” shares its origin with this kind of curry.

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