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Guardian 24,015 (Sat 3rd March)/Araucaria – Land fill

Posted by rightback on 9th March 2007


Solving time: 14:48

The preamble to this puzzle read: “Lands here are 4-ed [linked] (as our non-PC forebears would think) by 14 down [‘The missing’].”

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Guardian 24020/Rover — House & Home

Posted by Colin Blackburn on 9th March 2007

Colin Blackburn.

Rover, is another Guardian setter who overuses the cryptic definition. Some of the definitions here just weren’t cryptic or were very obvious. When Rover stayed away from this device there were some good clues, some nice anagrams and some well developed surfaces. On the whole I enjoyed about half of this puzzle. Read the rest of this entry »

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Independent 6363/Phi

Posted by bensand on 9th March 2007


A very enjoyable crossword if not very difficult. Mostly charades with partial anagrams and a couple of long anagrams thrown in. Quite a few containers and reversals but that didn’t really strike me until I came to write it up so it didn’t feel repetitive.

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Inquisitor #9 – Search by Loda

Posted by petebiddlecombe on 9th March 2007


Solving time: 3-4 hours

An nice example of a fairly standard advanced cryptic puzzle type – “entries mangled according to a theme to be identified”. In this case, there are some thematic entries clued normally, some unclued, and non-theme clues providing letters that make a useful phrase. The extra letters in this case are single extra letters inserted into the clues concerned. So how does one solve such a puzzle?

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