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Guardian 24020/Rover — House & Home

Posted by Colin Blackburn on March 9th, 2007

Colin Blackburn.

Rover, is another Guardian setter who overuses the cryptic definition. Some of the definitions here just weren’t cryptic or were very obvious. When Rover stayed away from this device there were some good clues, some nice anagrams and some well developed surfaces. On the whole I enjoyed about half of this puzzle.

9 RACEHORSE — cryptic def. — reference to the classic horse races. Not a convincing CD
10 PINKO — P(INK)O — Po is a great crossword river, Indian ink fills it.
12 PURSUIT — double def.
16 NIGHTIE — cryptic def. — not bad for a CD, the one good one I think.
17 TSUNAMI — Na in (UMIST)* — UMIST was a university in Manchester. It has now amalgamated with my old university, The (Victoria) University of Manchester, to create the largest UK university outside London.
19 MARGINALLY — (ALARMINGLY)* — nice anagram and reasonable surface. One of those clues that would have benefited from being elliptically connected to a clue before it if possible perhaps.
22 USED — hoUSE Design
24 RECIPES — (PRECISE)* — there’s an &lit screaming to get out here but it doesn’t quite work for me.
25 SHRIMPS — double def. — Rick Stein is a famous UK restaurateur and TV chef specialising in fish.
27 ENAMELLER — cryptic def. — the cryptic element here is the adverb hardly.
1 BRICKS AND MORTAR — cryptic def. — too obvious given the enumeration.
2 SCANNING — cryptic def.
3 CHAIN — cryptic def. — unless anybody can convince me any differently this is just a definition. I didn’t put CHAIN in for ages as I was convinced the answer must be something else. Given the checking I even used the cheat function on the Guardian interactive puzzle just to confirm this was the answer.
4 PRIMROSE — double def. — I’d not heard of the Primrose League, a Tory propaganda organisation.
5 SEA PIG — 1 in (GAPES)*
6 SPIRIT GUM — ? — I can see the definition, ‘sticks with it’, but I have no idea of the word play.
7 ANNULI — ANNUL+I(llicit)
8 COTTAGE INDUSTRY — cryptic def.
15 STRIPPERS — ST+RIPPER’S — Rover fell back on the painting and decorating theme rather than the less salubrious nature of Jack the Ripper’s victims which could have made a tasteless &lit. more suited to Private Eye.
17 TALISMAN — double def. — I assume this is a Scott novel.
18 ASSEMBLY — (LAMBS YES)* — a nice little anagram and surface for springtime.
23 GREEN — double def.

2 Responses to “Guardian 24020/Rover — House & Home”

  1. says:

    6d spirit gum sticks on the false beard necessary for a clean shaven actor to play Zapata.

  2. says:

    Re 6d and further the answer given by roger, it is more specifically a moustache – Zapata was noted for his particularly luxuriant one as this picture shows…

    Marlon Brando’s spirit-gummed attachment in the film ‘Viva Zapata!” was a feeble one in comparison.

    A relatively easy puzzle but some nice clues like 6d.

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