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Independent 6365 by Hypnos – Gentle start to the week

Posted by nmsindy on 12th March 2007


A pleasing and not too difficult puzzle by Hypnos, one of the occasional setters.   Quite a few anagrams among the 22 clues.    When I saw the central across clue contained “theme”, I thought the puzzle might have one, like so many recent Indys.   But I’ve not seen any.     (Later:  1 error – see 18)

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Guardian 24,022, Rufus: The Rufus paradox

Posted by michod on 12th March 2007


Doing better than last week – I’ve managed to post in the morning even though the paperboy delivered the Telegraph with ‘Sorry, no Gaurdian’ written on it (no irony intended, I assume).

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Sloggers and Betters 2

Posted by neildubya on 12th March 2007


For a second time, some of the contributors to this blog, Times for the Times and RTC3 are meeting in a London pub.  The chosen venue is “Shaw’s Booksellers” in St Andrew’s Hill, near Blackfriars, on the evening of Thurs 22nd March, from 6 pm onwards.  This pub serves food, so the current plan is to eat there rather than troop off to a restaurant.  If you’re interested in coming, please send an e-mail to: sb2(at)biddlecombe(dot)demon(dot)co(dot)uk (making the obvious substitutions),  so that we have some idea of likely numbers.

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