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Independent 6369/Phi

Posted by neildubya on March 16th, 2007


Apologies for the brief write-up today – am a bit pressed for time. A fine puzzle from Phi, with a few excellent clues.

11 AG,EG in GRATE – nice deceptive use of “jar”.
13 RUM,BA(r) – surely the crossword setter’s favourite dance.
14 P,ASS,A,N in (NET)* – lots of wordplay elements here, all blended into a smooth surface reading.
18 D, STRESS in (SAILING)* – another good surface reading.
1 BARG(E),RAP,H – very well done I thought. The definition is nicely hidden.
2 D in ROAM,PA (going up)
3 SYMPATHETIC INK – another name for invisible ink. “Heated words” is a reference to the fact that you have to apply heat to a piece of paper containing words written in invisible ink in order to make them appear visible. As a kid, with an interest in all things espionage, I thought that invisible ink was the most amazing thing ever.
4 (BEA)* in (SQUARE)*
9 BEDS,IT,TIN,GROOM – excellent. I spent far too long thinking that “the man to marry” was the defintion.
16 EAS(Y),TENDER – another top-notch clue. Very good surface reading.

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