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Inquisitor #10/Green Cross Code by Schadenfreude

Posted by loonapick on March 16th, 2007


This was the easiest Inquisitor of the year so far in my opinion. Once I had worked out that the entries at 13ac and 43ac led to the Seven Sages, and that 42ac informed us that it was only their initial that needed to be entered, the challenge was then – “Do I look up the Seven Sages?” or do I try to work out their names. I had heard of the Sages, and could even remember that one of them was called Solon (must have come up in a puzzle or quiz somewhere) so I decided I’d try to work the others out.

The methodology for entering them into the puzzle was to find the seven squares where truncated across and down clues interlocked, and then, instead of entering all of the missing letters, it was enough just to put in their initial. Doing this, I was able to guess the names of all of the other Sages before looking them up in Wikipedia to check. This is the first Inquisitor that I have solved without having to get some help from Peter Biddlecombe, so either it was considerably easier or I am getting better (bit of both, perhaps).

The clues which give you the names of the Sages are:

16ac -(PERI)sh and 1dn – din(ANDER)ie – entered as PSH and DINPIE – giving PERIANDER
18ac – tenail(LON) and 11dn – ony(CHI)a – entered as TENAILC and ONYCA – giving CHILON
25ac – admira(B)leness and 23dn – m(IAS)m – entered as ADMIRABLENESS and MBM – giving BIAS
38ac – (THA)tching and 34dn – p(LES)sor – entered as TTCHING and PTSOR – giving THALES
40ac – lo(BULUS) and 33dn – nu(CLEO)lus – entered as LOC and NUCLUS – giving CLEOBULUS
45ac – ris(SOL)es and 35dn – thor(ON) – entered as RISSES and THORS – giving SOLON
46ac – s(PITT)les and 32dn – psitt(ACUS) – entered as SPES and PSITTA – giving PITTACUS

Clues of note:-


1 D(ILL)I – an Aboriginal bag also known as a dilly-bag.

7 VIGORO(us) – another Aussie word, a game a bit like rounders.

16 Although the clue says that we are looking for a seven-letter word, the only word that fits here is PERISH.

18 TENAILLON – (in one tall)*

20 E-TEN – a giant

40 LOBULUS – (ulbousl)* – a small, lobe-like structure

46 SPITTLES – PITT in (less)* – unless I am missing something, this was just too much of a gimme – I’d have used “old PM” or “younger PM” or something for PITT.


1 DINANDERIE – (<= I’d) + (Adrienne)* – domestic brassware from Dinant in Belgium.

2 LICHI – (chil(d)*) + I 

4 ISOPTERA – (I spot)* and (<=are) 

11 ONYCHIA – (china (t)oy)* – an ulceration at the base of a fingernail. 

26 MASCLES – M(1000) + (scales)* – armoured scales in a plate of mail. 

30 TIT-OK-I – the setter has used I = IN twice in this puzzle, but I don’t think I’ve come across it before? 

32 P(SITTA)C-US – the genus of parrots that include the African gray, and SITTA id the genus to which nuthatches belong. 

34 PLESSOR – (slopes r)* – liked the surface of this clue.

2 Responses to “Inquisitor #10/Green Cross Code by Schadenfreude”

  1. says:

    Assistance: David’s being too modest – he needed no help on #6 – which impressed me so much that by the time he asked about #8, I’d thrown it away, and the help was from memory. I found this one harder – I needed Brewer to find out that it was Sages that I needed seven of, and most of the names were new to me.

  2. says:

    I found this harder than Schadenfreude’s previous, Venus de Milo, even though the original title, simply “Greens” told me it was sages. I changed it to Green Cross Code because the phrase has a ring to it and seemed perfectly apt. S. himself agreed. The only slight problem I had was Chilon – all the refs I could find gave Chilo – but since ancient Greek names ending -ON are often Anglicised without the final N, Plato being the most obvious example, I accepted it.

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