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Azed 1815 – online glitches?

Posted by loonapick on March 18th, 2007


The four longest entries in the puzzle were fairly straightforward, so I got off to a flier. I then attacked the rest of the puzzle, and quickly worked out or guessed most of the answers, so that I thought I was going to finish it without referring to Chambers. Unfortunately, there were a few stragglers and I had to resort to the dictionary for the last five or six clues.

I think there may be a couple of misprints in the online version of this puzzle (see 1dn and 8dn), but don’t know if these were replicated in the print version.

The good thing about doing a blog is that it forces you to check whether your guesses are correct, where there could be more than one possible answer, and it also helps to cement words in your mind, so 33ac, for example, was easy enough because EVETS had come up in a puzzle just last week, and I had looked it up.


1 S-PRAD – an old form of “spread”. Although the clue indicates that a prad is either an old horse or an old word for one, Chambers indicates it as a slang word for horse, derived from the Dutch word, praad.

5 S(HM)O – first time I’ve come across that spelling.

8 F(O)ID – second last clue I solved, and to be honest, I just had to “read” the dictionary to find it. A fid is a bit of hard wood used by sailors, and foid is apparently the internationally agreed term for “feldspathoid” – Well, I never! The things you learn doing crosswords!

13 LIMNAEDIAE – (media alien)* – family which includes pond-snails.

16 SCOGAN – (Gascon)* – a word for a buffoon, derived from a 16th century jestbook, said to be the work of John Scogan. I wonder if 25th century puzzlers will be filling the word “monkhouse” into a futuristic grid?

19 CAPOCCHIA – (chico) in CAPO – yet another fool – was this puzzle supposed to be published on April 1st?

21 PEACH – E in (chap)* – not sure where the definition is here?

26 POTENCE – (cent)* in POE – I assume that the tree referred to would be a “hanging tree”.

29 ROCK TURBOT – (r or buttock)*

31 TAP-E – an alcoholic beverage, apparently – the last one I got.

32 A-R(o)SY

33 EVETS – hidden backwards in “loST EVEntually”. This appeared in another puzzle in the last few days.


1 SELF-SUPPORT – I think there may be a misprint in the online version of this clue, and that it should read “soft purples” therefore providing the requisite anagram fodder. Unless I am missing something??

2 P(A1)OCKE(t) – an obscure Shakespearean word for a peacock.

3 R-UMBO – rum punch; an umbo is the central stud on a shield.

5 STERNO (set)*-R-NO – in
America, a form of flammable jelly, used in cooking.

8 FEE-GRIEF – another misprint? – I assume that “reg.” in the clue should be “ref”, so that the word play would be E(end of game) in (eg ref if)* – again I may be missing something??

14 AG(ACER-I)E – coquetry. “acer” is the maple genus, (ie the “source” of maple syrup).

19 CATES – AT in (<=sec) – viands or delicacies.

20 COSTLY – (sot)* in CLY – an archaic word for “steal”

23 WEKAS – (askew)* – flightless New Zealand rails

28 JU(n)-V-E – the child lead in a play.

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  1. says:

    …this one didn’t seem too bad, but can I risk developing (or aggravating)a reputation for serial nitpicking and suggest that the most recent Azed contained a mistake? Or am I missing something?

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