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Guardian 24028/Rufus

Posted by linxit on March 19th, 2007


Solving time approx 15 mins.

Second blog of the day for me, luckily it’s quiet at work today as I’ve still got to do last Saturday’s Times yet on the other blog! Still, this Rufus puzzle was pretty straightforward with the usual mix of cryptic and double definitions, some good, some a bit iffy…

1 PA(NICK)Y – nice easy starter, although “of” seems unnecessary to the surface reading and makes the definition inaccurate.
5 FEUD,A,L – I can’t find the definition “reactionary” in an online dictionary, but maybe it’s there in Chambers?
15 EMIGRATION – nice cryptic def, had me stumped for a while as I’d guessed at SLOUGH for 16dn.
17 COO (as in “bill and coo”) – this has appeared quite a lot recently in various puzzles.
19 TUB (but rev) – “homeward-bound” makes a nice change from “going back”.
28 FLEECE – double def – I wanted to whinge about “uncover” as a definition but a quick dictionary check showed that it can mean “to shear the wool from a sheep”.
29 NUNNERY – cryptic def? Not very cryptic though – one of those where the straight definition occurs to you first, so the image of a female army on the run doesn’t even come into it.

1 PIPE – a pipe of wine is a particular measure that I’ve seen in Chambers before, but can’t remember the details.
3 CUP,BOARD – I found one online definition for press meaning wardrobe, so cupboard is OK too I suppose.
6 ER(OT)IC – TO reversed in ERIC – another inventive reversal indicator too.
13 BETTER HALF – BET is half of better! I suppose this is quite clever, but I didn’t like it.
14 DISBELIEVE – a much better cryptic def than 29ac, this clue makes you think of loans even though you know you probably shouldn’t.
16 TROUGH – I initially put in SLOUGH, which held me up for a while.
21 TIC-TAC – bookies’ sign language for the racecourse, another good misleading cryptic def.

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  1. says:

    I agree with your comment on 29ac, but would apply the same to 15ac – surely EMIGRATION is the most obvious meaning of the phrase, allowing for the slight nuance of ‘settlement’ meaning a) the act of settling somewhere, or b) a place thus settled. 14 down left me feeling similarly let down, while 12 ac, for which I have COST OF LIVING, seems not quite to have a definition as such.

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