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Independent 6364 / Scorpion

Posted by petebiddlecombe on March 19th, 2007


Solving time: 15-20 minutes

These comments are written after a look back at the puzzle with answers – I discarded my original copy as I forgot I was supposed to be writing this. I found this puzzle rather easier than the last couple of Scorpions – maybe because I’m getting more used to his style.

3 STAGE = (gets a )*,COACH – ref. the film that made John Wayne famous.
9 R(OUNDNES = (nudes on)*)S
11 MA(rat)HON – capital of Menorca – a British dependency for part of the 17th century, by the way.
12 CONSIDERATENESS – ON SIDE = “leg area” in certain*, with run-out as anag. indicator
14 GALWAY = “Gaul”,way – ref. the ‘man with the golden flute’.
15 SE(ASHE)ELL – another 70s celeb here – Wimbledon champ Arthur Ashe.
19 GOBBLE – letter swap in ‘gobble’
22 BAR,BAR,A(CAST)LE – with “MP departed” as the def.
25 SNAKEBITE – (in basket)*, hom(E)
26 CUR(RYPAST=patry’s*)E – up = anag. indicator
1 DARLING,TO,N = oNe’s heart.
4 THE,Si,S
5 GAS METER – cryptic def.
6 COMPASSIONATE – pass = BALL (soccer), in (tie, Monaco)*
10 DENTAL SURGERY – cryptic def
16 GREA(T)SE,A – an old term for the Med.
18 WEBSTER – 2 defs, one referring to Noah W.
21 B.A.,SALT – ‘academic’ for a mere B.A. seems a tad generous!

2 Responses to “Independent 6364 / Scorpion”

  1. says:

    I still find Scorpion about the hardest Indy setter, though I did finish this one a little faster than some previous ones, but still much slower that the average Indy. The setter has a very distinctive style.

  2. says:

    Found the original copy today – actual solving time was 19:54.

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