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Independent 6372 by Virgilius – another excellent themed puzzle

Posted by nmsindy on March 20th, 2007


As usual, Virgilius gives us an excellent themed puzzle.    This one is based on days of the week appearing appropriately midway through Lent taking seven days (all fairly well-known, I’d say).     Very impressed that in the central clue 16 the clue numbers appear in numerical order to match the progression of a week (Mon to Sun).

Even more impressed that, with all those constraints, the rest of the grid is filled with everyday words.     And many excellent clues that I’ve learned to expect from this masterly setter.    The theme, as often with Virgilius, made it a rapid solve for me.

 Solving time:  16 mins

* = anagram


7 DORM ICE     Cleverly misleading – I thought till very near the end that “in” was a containment indicator, whereas it is the link

8 FOUR  “Fore”    Dicts confirm a crew (rowing) can be four, not just the more normal eight.   Driving refers to a golf shot.    If you wanted to be picky the warning is shouted after driving off (as the ball departs from its planned path) rather than before.

10  COSA NOSTRA    Excellent double context of a university and the Mafia, a don being a Mafia boss.   It’s Arts (faculty) on (operating) a soc (all reversed).

13 SH(slammeR)OVE    The past tense of shrive and the first hint of the theme. 

14  ASH   Not sure about the working here, though no doubt about the answer.   A request in library is the amusing a sh.    It’s also hidden “material from” in ThomAS Hardy.   That leaves just handle.    Is it because Ash is a surname (though not very common perhaps)?

(Thanks, Colin, below, for explaining that the definition is “handle material”, so the hidden indicator is just “from” and there are two separate wordplay indications)

15 P LAY  (the latter much more familiar in crosswords than real life, I think)

17  LAKE Superior.

18  EVE    More excellent double context.     Adam’s partner hidden in the names of two US Presidents.

19 MAUNDY  (any mud)*

20 BANGLADESH     A superb hidden, with a wonderful surface reading.

25 S LOWEST     My favourite clue, great fun.

26 LIABLE (I’ll be a)*     Subject is a adjective here.



5 PIUS   “Pious”     There have been twelve, the most recent passing away in 1958.


13 EX ONE RATED  I is the Roman numeral “one”

21 “As GOOD as gold”

22  HOLY   “Wholly”

23  PAL M (maiden over – cricket) 

4 Responses to “Independent 6372 by Virgilius – another excellent themed puzzle”

  1. says:

    Ash is (broom/shovel/spade) handle material. It’s the definition to go with the two separate word plays.

  2. says:

    Also, BANGLADESH (not bangaladesh!) is, as you say, an excellent hidden word. I agree about SLOWEST too. I’m sure there must be other superlatives waiting for a similar treatment.

  3. says:

    Quite a quick solve for me, which means about the same time as nmsindy. Lots of fun. Agree that 20A was excellent and very much liked 10A.

  4. says:

    One of the few occasions that I can solve The Indepednet (since I’m in England) — had to ask the librarian what Tuesday was associated with during Easter — he answer was Pancake Day!

    Thought that 23A: TOP,I was quite clever too.

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