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Independent on Sunday 892 by Quixote – Plant held me up

Posted by nmsindy on March 22nd, 2007


Difficulty with 16 across, but got it in the end – always a bit weak on plants – one of the crossing clues took me a while to understand also, covered below.

Solving time: 28 mins

* = anagram


9 OV(O)ID My favourite clue. “Poet eating egg as it is”

11 PER (rep reversed) FORMER (erstwhile) REP (short for repertory company) = theatre is crossword staple.

16 DOG ROSE My most difficult one “Description of what Fido did after sitting down in plant”. What delayed me, apart from not knowing the term, was that for a long time I was looking for a verbal phrase, maybe DUG something. Once I realised DOG could be the first word I was almost there. Looking at the clue, it’s carefully worded starting with “Description of.. ” i.e. not “what Fido did” which had been my train of thought.

20 DERBY Double definition a bowler hat and e.g. local derby in football (say Everton v Liverpool on Merseyside)

21 HENDIADYS (Is he dandy)* Just as well Quixote gives a fairly obvious anagram for this. After I worked out the 5 crossing letters, I guessed the rest correctly. A rhetorical device in which two nouns are used instead of a noun and modifier. Quixote plays very safe indeed using the example given in Chambers Dictionary in his clue. There was a recent Listener where this was used as the theme, though I did not remember this till looking up the word in the dict.


28 T(o) ROVE


4 S(I)AM I = independent Old name for Thailand.


6 ADOS i.e. a plurality of fusses Soda reversed

7 LAV(END)ER Die = end always worth looking at.

14 THE SHADOWS (Who had sets)* Best known for instrumental hits in the late 1950s and early 1960s

15 CON FI (if upset) DANTE A female one.

17 GERM IN AL A French Revolution month – took me ages to twig why and it crossed DOG ROSE. The AL means Al Capone, the gangster, so the germ could upset his inside.

19 DISS EVER A town well known to solvers.

26 SAGA A little free publicity for this Company which specialises in services for the over-50s

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