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Not about crosswords…

Posted by neildubya on 26th March 2007


You may notice that the service we provide is a bit irregular over the next couple of weeks. This is because Mrs Dubya yesterday gave birth to our first child, a week early. I was due to post a few times this week but I doubt I’ll have much time for solving, let alone blogging. Someone else on the team may be able to step in but if not, we should be back to normal after a couple of weeks.

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Independent 6377 by Tees – Four Seasons

Posted by bensand on 26th March 2007


I was sure it wasn’t me today. I was absolutely sure. I just checked to see if whoever it was had posted yet and thought I’d just see who it was when they hadn’t at this late hour and whoops, me after all. Unfortunate really as I was up very early and had finished the crossword by 7.30.

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